About NMB

A long time ago Pointhalf tried to make an all official looking movie review blog. His short attention span couldn’t take it and found too much boredom in a subject he loves so intensely. So he created Nair My Brain, which means exactly how it sounds. No rules or limits while ripping thoughts out of your head. Plop them down and let’s see what happens.


About the Authors



Here are some highlights out of Pointhalf’s life fannypack: He’s a TV Producer from Dallas, TX who recently relocated to Minneapolis, MN, he makes his living in Reality TV, he has a BS in Audio Video Production with a minor in Psychology, he’s a Comedian, he’s a Writer, he’s a Movie Geek, and he’s a lifelong optimist. (At least he hopes it’s a lifelong trait…apparently paranoia is also one.)

Top 3 Movies: The Silence of the Lambs, It’s a Wonderful Life, and Mystery Men

Top 3 TV Shows: Arrested Development, Top Gear, and Saturday Night Live


Red Hawk Omega

Red Hawk Omega currently resides in Denver, CO. When he’s not hiking or using his double business majors he enjoys watching TV, Movies, and Sports. Sometimes after watching a movie he likes to hitchhike to What-A-Burger and eat 12 Honey Butter Chicken Biscuits and wash it down with a bottle of Orange Juice.

Top 3 Movies: The Godfather, It’s a Wonderful Life, and Back to the Future

Top 3 TV Shows: Seinfeld, Community, and How I Met Your Mother



EggynogEggynog is the wife of Pointhalf. But not just the wife, the better half. When she’s not adding some much needed female perspective to NMB, she’s teaching Pointhalf how to endure the winter, aiding her decorative pillow addiction, or sipping some expensive whiskey at the movies with her mostly annoying husband.

Top 3 Movies: Jurassic Park, Princess Bride, and Clue

Top 3 TV Shows: Game of Thrones, Community, and Parks and Recreation