Netflix Must Watch List of March

If you don’t have a subscription to Netflix, you are a fool. Not only are you a fool though, this entire blogpost will mean nothing to you. Alas, read on and see the greatness you are missing out on.

Patch Adams

If you miss Robin Williams as much as I do, then get some popcorn and settle in for the tear-jerker that is Patch Adams. Watch as a formerly crazy man gains new purpose in life by bringing love and happiness into everyone’s hearts. Kind of like Robin Williams himself, Patch Adams changed the world he lived in, touched hearts and left everyone happier than they were before. If this mushy gushy stuff isn’t good enough for you, tune in because you watched all six seasons of Parenthood and you really, really miss Monica Potter. (March 1)

Finding Neverland Finding Neverland – I have literally never seen this movie, but it has Johnny Depp and Kate Winslet in it. Sold. (March 1)

Aziz Ansari

Ahhh, a face you can never take seriously. If you like funny, somewhat lewd indian men – Aziz is your guy. Lucky for you his Madison Square Garden show will be streaming in on televisions around the world (not really) come March 6. Make some chicky chicky parm parm and enjoy!

Tyler Perry's Single Mom's Club

Tyler Perry’s The Single Mom’s Club – If you’re single mom, you’ll like it. If you’re black, you’ll like it even more. If you’re black and a single mom, this is probably your life. If you’re easily offended, you shouldn’t read this blog. ( March 9)

How to train your dragon 2

HICCUP IS A MAN! This movie has 92% on Rotten Tomatoes. NINETY TWO PERCENT. The first one was awesome, and you know what they say about sequels. Gold. (March 11)

3rd Rock From The Sun

Third. Rock. From. The. Sun. The Complete Series is streaming as of March 15th (Happy Birthday to me). Seriously.

Mad Men

The 7th season of this incredible show is streaming starting March 22. Light up a cig and enjoy. Wait, we know smoking is bad now. Nevermind. Eat a taco instead.


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