White Christmas

White Christmas has been on Netflix every December for as long as I can remember. I’ve been wanting to watch it for quite a long time but was finally able to start it just a few days ago. I turned on the Christmas tree, sat down with my bowl of homemade eggnog cookies, got comfy on our giant couch (and by giant I mean it’s large enough for me), and finally pressed play. That is…until my wife came running out of the shower into the living room! And dripping the entire way!

White Christmas is a white knight of Christmas movies.

White ChristmasMy wife doesn’t have the general love that I do for older movies so she automatically opted out. And that’s perfectly fine. Sometimes it’s even difficult for me to sit down and watch anything prior Star Wars. (Now youngin’s, when I say Star Wars I don’t mean the ones starting next year when you’re finally old enough to drink a virgin margarita, nor the ones that just royally suck by all levels of film making…) It’s true, some older films require effort to enjoy today. However, what my wife lacks in film desires she makes up with her passion for music. In the first scene in White Christmas Bing Crosby sings…well, White Christmas. That was her cue to bolt down the house leaving suds in her wake. She made me stop the movie and promise I wouldn’t watch it without her. Can you believe her?! I was so comfy! But, I love her and she’ll beat me if I don’t.

Finally last night we both cuddled up on the couch and pressed play together. If I didn’t know better I would be jealous, every time Bing Crosby sang she was smiling. But could I really blame her? It’s Crosby comma Bing. I deemed her smile appropriate and well deserved, however the twinkle in her eye I couldn’t justify…

White ChristmasWhite Christmas is a white knight of Christmas movies. (Did you see what I did there? No?! Oh, well…watch the movie first then come back and enjoy the inside joke.) While it lacks the typical family setting of a tree and little ones in pigtails opening gifts around the fireplace, it makes up for it with brotherly bonding. That sounds weird. But it was WWII and the connection between two men when they’re¬†shipped off to conquer hell is incomparable. But don’t worry parents! Your children were most likely born in a time period where they don’t even know who Michael Jackson was! So the amount of “war” stuff in this movie is minimal. Bing Crosby is even in his underwear! (Gasp!) But he was covered up with an easy camera trick. (…although I think my wife smiled more at that part than the rest of the movie…hmm…) White Christmas definitely stood out to me as a very memorable piece of holiday magic. Yes, the plot was predictable but there isn’t any Christmas movie like it! It was the top grossing movie in 1954! That should say something. And the song “Count Your Blessings” was nominated for an Oscar! Oscar should say something about it too! Although he always denies guest blogging on NMB and I can never figure out why.

…the entire movie premise started with saving a guys life and then blackmailing him.

White ChristmasBing Crosby is not the only thing perfect about this movie, I loved Danny Kaye as the comedic relief. Every voice crack. Every timid response to Vera-Ellen. I thought he was the perfect addition to this piece of Christmas film history. I know he wasn’t the studios first pick, but everything happens for a reason and Danny Kaye will always be welcome on my TV. Rosemary Clooney and Vera-Ellen were fine. I didn’t particularly fall in love with them but that’s Hollywood in the ’50s. Tall beautiful blondes and every one else falls by the wayside. Rosemary Clooney won me over by the end of the movie but it wasn’t love at first sight for the Haynes Sisters and I.

White ChristmasRegardless of what I think, White Christmas should be played on every TV set this time of the year. And to think the entire movie premise started with saving a guys life and then blackmailing him. It makes me want to spend Christmas in Vermont! There’s still time! I can make it! Anybody know of any inns that are run by retired WWII generals?! Or veterans who are incredibly talented in sing and dance numbers? What about beautiful blonde sisters who don’t actually look that much alike? Preferably one who can sing and act and the other can only dance? I’m sorry guys. That was a bah humbug moment. I antidote myself with “Count Your Blessings”.





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