The Holiday

I cheated.

Let me lay out the scenario. My lovely lovely wife has a rule in the house: No Christmas movies until Thanksgiving. We were out shopping and I did my due diligence of circling the Xmas Movie rack to see what I need to add to my collection back home. And what do my eyes lay upon but The Holiday! I slyly say aloud “Have you seen The Holiday? We don’t have that one.” Boom. Hook, line, and home run. (I don’t understand fishing metaphors.) We went right home and watched a jolly movie before it was officially time to be jolly!

The HolidayI love my wife, and admittedly I may have started that con on her without knowing I was doing it. But I’ll admit it played to my advantage. Or did it? I don’t enjoy The Holiday in the grand scheme of Christmas movies. It’s fun, cute, a good date movie…but misses some of that holiday charm. And for one reason and one reason only. Cameron Diaz. Cammy D, I loved you in the beginning of your career. The Mask, wow. There’s Something About Mary. Even Being John Malkovich. But you’ve gotten some years on you and you have almost refused to change your career with it. Stop it. Stop it. Just…stop it. Jack Black I applaud you for doing some serious roles. Kudos. Kate Winslet, you’re a favorite of mine and I look forward to following your career for the rest of life. Jude Law, I know you’re in the midst of warping your career in a wildly different direction but one of my favorite movies is Closer. So I have a soft spot for you in my heart. (I’m pretty sure that my bromance statement just now was more romantic than the movie.)

The HolidayI know, I know. The Holiday isn’t about Christmas as much is it just takes place over Christmas. It’s a chick flick trying to coin on the easy romance in the air when everyone is looking for a genuine human connection. I get it! I proposed to my wife on Christmas Eve a year ago! It was amazing and a perfect moment to do it. So when two random loner women want to fly to another country to be alone for Christmas, it tugs at those heart strings. And they’re playing Charlie Brown’s sad sad tune.

I also need to mention that stumbling into love is the best story of all. Especially over a certain holiday that promotes smooching under some poison ivy and red berries.

The HolidayThere are many great moments about this movie though. Soft subtle moments of happiness and good will towards other men. It’s also a lot of fun to get angry and spiteful at Jasper. THAT’S WHAT CHRISTMAS IS ALL ABOUT! HATING MANIPULATING MEN! Hey! Hey! Hey! Don’t be a man-hating feminist! They’re are manipulating women too! We’re all evil! Cue the Whoville finale when the entire town of Whoville joins hands and sings made up words.

Hmm. I haven’t actually talked about the movie much have I? Okay, some quick points. The Director Nancy Meyers? Nothing special. The scriptwriter (also) Nancy Meyers? She aimed her rifle at a 12 point buck and shot an air ball into the crowd. (Is that how hunting works?) A box office success? Technically yes. Would I suggest it to friends? Depends, are you on a date? Yes. Are you with family? No. Are you a recently married man who cheated around his wife’s rule about no Christmas movies before Thanksgiving? Hell yes.



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