The Nightmare Before Christmas

I believe that the hipster fad started with people trying to dress like Jack Skellington.

Nightmare Before ChristmasNightmare Before Christmas has been a long time coming for NMB. This weird movie is lovable because it is weird. But still just enough for us to say we dislike it and look cool while saying it. (Because we all want to be that snobby know-it-all.) What is it about Nightmare Before Christmas that makes it almost dislikable but close to our hearts at the same time? Is it that the plot has little payout? Is it that the songs are catchy melodically (much like how candy corn looks tasty to the eye) but not at all lyrically (and you immediately regret eating candy corn)? Is the targeted audience adults or kids? I’ve been both since this movie came out and I STILL DON’T KNOW!

Nightmare Before ChristmasI do love this movie. But I must admit for nostalgic reasons. What middle school band didn’t play “What’s This?” every winter concert? But watching it again as an adult that movie has nothing without the songs. The plot is juvenile and the concept of different towns that only celebrate specific holidays opens a pandora’s box of questions. Do the Halloween Town residents scare themselves every Halloween or do they go out into a real world? While Jack was flying over the suburb streets as Sandy Claws, did anyone else question why Christmas Town was so much bigger? Or is that the real world that each holiday city goes to in order to do their jobs? And how the flippin flippity flip did Jack walk through a secret (apparently not to him) graveyard door back to Halloween Town? And WHY is Oogie Boogie a bad guy? The entire town gives kids severed heads and rotting roadkill for gifts, Oogie Boogie eats bugs and threatens to kill Santa…but he’s evil? I don’t get it. Maybe I would enjoy this movie more if the reality Tim Burton created had rules.

Rules aren’t a necessity for new reality concepts. But having them allows the audience to relate infinitely better…otherwise you’re getting too “artsy” for the general population. And I suppose in the long run I should be looking at Jack’s character arc. He’s the Pumpkin King. Cool. Got it. He gets bored doing the same thing every year. Cool. With you so far. He stumbles into a Xmas themed world and decides to steal the entire experience for himself. Hmm. Okay, go on. After he fails miserably he realizes he’s the Pumpkin King for a reason. Uhh okay, sudden self realization. Points for that I guess. Then Jack in order to redeem how badly he messed everything up, he attempts to save Santa from Oogie Boogie…where he should have knowingly predicted where he would go with Lock, Shock, and Barrel. Great, am I supposed to like him again? Nightmare Before ChristmasFinally he falls in love with Sally. What?! First off, no one can blame Jack for feeling like a loner. But it’s a huge leap from being a loner to becoming a mass thief, kidnapper, and a large wide scale attempt at manslaughter between the general population with their masochistic presents and giving Santa to a known villain. Oh but don’t worry, he redeems himself by basically untying Oogie Boogie and getting the girl. Those kids won’t need therapy now knowing that there’s someone out there trying to replace Santa and kill them with evil living toys….or a giant yellow snake that’s a direct ripoff of Beetlejuice.

Why do I still watch this movie every year? I can’t explain it but it’s a fun movie. Every kid should see it. Every parent should willingly watch it with them and let themselves be confused. The kids will probably have a few nightmares but it’s Disney, right? That…kind of…makes up for it. Sort of.


One response to “The Nightmare Before Christmas

  1. Well, Santa is not part of Halloween land. He is an outsider. Therefore, I could see why killing him would be bad. He is neither a ghost nor a goblin nor a skeleton. He’s more “human” than the Halloween inhabitants. Plus, what would happen to his “world” when he dies? I’m sure there would be consequences.


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