RIP Robin Williams

Today is a rare day for me of reflection. And I can think of no other place than to share it on NMB.

deep-thoughtsToday is August 13, 2014, among many things. Today is also my first work day I’ve taken off since Thanksgiving 2013…which might be the reason why I’m so reflective. In all honesty I’ve constantly been bouncing between heaven and hell. I was a Producer on a new reality show for A&E and let me tell you, I was excited. I was a huge part in the creation of the show back in 2012 and had a hand in the pot until the end this summer. But for many different reasons the show was run by nitwits and sharks and became a nightmare. Now, in the middle of this I fell in love with a dark haired goddess and I confidently (because I was wearing a man diaper) proposed to her on Christmas Eve 2013. She’s beautiful and a dream. So imagine my life bouncing between a long term project I had so much of my heart invested in and a woman who rejuvenated it every day. There were times when I was working 120+ hours a week for people above me who either didn’t know more than my dog or thought they knew better but didn’t…like my dog. Those hours put my entire personal life in jeopardy and can depress any man. To prove the tragedy that was happening true, the show was cancelled immediately after it’s first airing proving the network and showrunner’s inability to make smart decisions. And after letting the artistic direction run wild and untamed the production company (who I work for) is wildly in debt and is sinking faster than the Titanic.

So here I sit, after a long and stressful roller coaster remembering the past 2 year ride…but it’s not over. Over the next 87 days my fiancĂ© and I are moving 1000 miles AND getting married. And not to steal the attention away, Robin Williams has passed on. Now you’d think a celebrity, who I’ve never met, sadly dying shouldn’t rock my amusement park of a life…but it did. As a kid born in the late 80’s growing up in the 90’s…Robin Williams represents my childhood. Everything from Aladdin to Mrs. Doubtfire. And once I grew up I went back and enjoyed everything he did from Happy Days to One Hour Photo. Robin Williams is one of the reasons comedy is so important to me and why I put my heart and soul into projects I believe in. After college I finally had the stones to begin my life in improv comedy. Improv brought me to a whole new level. I can honestly say without it I wouldn’t have become the writer and producer that I am today. Not to mention the amount of confidence one needs to propose to a dream woman. And it all stems back to the inspiration comedians like Robin Williams spark in others.

Robin WilliamsNow I know I’m not a super accomplished comedian like Bill Cosby, Stephen Colbert, Tina Fey, or…well Robin Williams. But that doesn’t mean they deserve any less credit for my life. I live for comedy. Whether it be between my fingers and a keyboard, on stage with my talented comedian friends, or with my soon to be wife in our everyday living. And Robin Williams with his huge heart, huge appetite for laughter, and his unbelievably huge presence in the hall of all time great comedians has greatly influenced my life.

Comedy is how I shot and edited the original pitch for that reality show. Comedy is how I beat my battle with depression as a younger man. Comedy is why I’m standing here today. (Okay, really I’m in my boxers sprayed out on the couch like a bowl of melting Jello…but you get the idea.) Let’s face it, smiles and laughter are gold in this life. Which makes a man like Robin Williams King Midas.

Robin WilliamsHe will be missed. Keep smiling up there Robin. You’ll spread laughter wherever you go.


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