10 Things You Didn’t Know: Walking Dead

Here we are in the middle of Season 4 of Walking Dead. I wouldn’t say the most amazing show ever, but it is definitely a great show. Zombies are like visual nicotine. I got my girlfriend into the show so we heavily binge watched just to make the Season 4 premiere. “It’s a gooood show.” – My girlfriend. (She’s yelling at her computer at the moment…)

The Walking DeadThe character arcs this season are pretty wonderful. They seem to be taking the time to give each member of the group their own story. They’re each being tested in one way or another and in the midst of this chaotic world the writers are balancing the post-apocalyptic test of humanity. I love it. What I’m not loving is the struggle to create worthy villains. The every day zombie can get old, especially with the fighting skill set we’ve seen from these modern day “warriors”. Shane was an annoying yet interesting villain for Season 2. I suppose The Governor was a worthy…no, hmm…let’s settle on interesting villain for Season 3. Now it’s a run-of-the-mill flu in a world without medicine. I kind of like that. It provides a different challenge. But oh wait, The Governor is back and demented as ever. I’m not terribly excited. I get it though, zombies provide dumb relentless evil while Patchy-Eye Man brings the smarts of evil. In a story template it fits, but as the audience I’m not terribly excited to see him return. Especially while Rick is being a bit of a…wimp.

I realize they’re still loosely following the graphic novel series. But I want one perfect villain. I want Walking Dead’s Joker or Lex Luthor. Maybe The Governor will step up, but his motives are weak. Until then, let me show you some interesting facts you never knew.

1. In the beginning the producers didn’t want all the walkers to be extras, they wanted to use cadavers tied up like marionettes. But sadly AMC said no, that’s offensive to puppets.

2. The Walking Dead Casting Director loved Melissa McBride’s audition as Carol. But they were looking for an actress with much longer hair so there would be someone to distract the audience from Sarah Wayne Callies’s anorexic stick figure. Unfortunately Melissa McBride’s hair can’t grow longer than 3 inches.

3. Norman Reedus was originally considered for the role of Don Draper on Mad Men, but he wouldn’t stop pulling out his crossbow and trying to kill January Jones.

4. Chandler Riggs and Laurie Holden had a fling on set but was quickly ended because Laurie couldn’t handle Chandler’s badassery. Also because it’s Statutory Rape.

The-Walking-Dead-3x16-Welcome-to-the-Tombs-Behind-the-Scenes-the-walking-dead-34193559-3600-23905. Scott Wilson had to grow his white hair and beard out long for the role of Hershel. In between takes he likes the extras to sit on his lap and tell him what they want for Christmas.

6. When Andrew Lincoln originally auditioned for the show, he was excited to leave the world of acting and simply eat his way through a cooking show. To his dismay, the show was not titled “The Walking Spread”.

7. Keanu Reeves played a walker in the finale of Season 2 when the farm was overrun by a herd. He was hired because of his performance in…every movie he’s ever done.

8. According to the show, although for legal reasons they can’t say this aloud, Glenn is the last living Asian on the planet. The walkers started in China, but after a few hours they were still hungry.

9. AMC’s merchandise department tried to create a crossover board game between The Walking Dead and Life. But no one enjoyed eating their dead children to pay off their college debt.

10. Andrew Lincoln took the role of “Rick Grimes”  because that’s what he calls his penis.


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