Thor: The Dark World

It’s been over a year since I’ve posted here on NMB. So many things have changed in my life, mostly the large magnitude of things happening in my schedule. Working in TV has its heaven moments and its pits of despair. I’ve traveled all over the country…unfortunately that also means I’ve probably spent more nights in hotels than I have in my own apartment. But one thing hasn’t changed! I’m still obsessed with the art of movies and TV! Let’s hit it!

Thor: The Dark WorldThor is back and with bigger muscles! (Not joking!) Natalie Portman is back after taking a pregnancy hiatus! Loki is back stealing the show! And Kat Dennings…I’ve never enjoyed her this much to be honest. I’ll never watch her sitcom, 2 Broke Girls, but she’s rocking some funny moments. My best comment for Mr. Hammer Man 2 is that it’s a solid sequel. More baddass-ery. More comedic relief. More stunning visuals. Just…more.

Thor: The Dark WorldI’m kind of digging Alan Taylor over Kenneth Branagh. Wait! Before I get into why, let’s break down why the Thor movies work. Asgard/Thor/Action visuals, Loki in his entirety, Thor’s muscles, and on the smaller end of the pie chart is Thor’s association with The Avengers, Natalie Portman’s face, and Kat Dennings quirky-ness. I think I covered everything. Let me check with movie mathematicians….yep. They confirmed. All that being said, Alan Taylor brought the visuals. Thor and Loki live in a very extravagant world requiring a large ability to suspend your disbelief. If your script and characters are over the top, why not make the directing the same? It fits. It works. It’s a square peg in a square hole.

Thor: A Dark WorldSome smaller notes: 1) They did a good job early on trying to over accentuate that these are NOT gods. They can die. 2) What the hell happened to the evident B-story between Jane Foster and Ms. Hottie Badass both being in love with Thor? Huh? HUH? 3) There were basically three endings. And they shouldn’t have been shown in that order. Some bigger notes: 1) Go see it. It’s worth it.

Were you expecting more? I’m not a blogging slut. Now if you’ll excuse me, someone wants to pay me for a discreet favor.


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