The Big Bang Theory

Time to answer the age old question. How do you rejuvenate something old into something new? Betty White was once a young hottie that even today could rule the world of magazine covers. But now she’s 90 but still amazingly relevant in entertainment. How do you ask? She’s got a sharp tongue. Her zingers are better than any you’ve seen in a recent presidential debate. So how do you make a sitcom with the ancient I Love Lucy setup and make it a hit show? Make them nerds.

Twenty years ago “nerd” was still an insult. Then all of a sudden their “nerdy” hobbies became something everyone wanted to be a part of. I mostly attribute this wave in change to the wave of comic movies. Spider-man and X-Men were the early bulldozers. But now we’re stuck with things like Big Bang Theory. Yuck.

They’ve won Emmys, they’ve earned at least six seasons, and they sadly have no end in sight. Why do I hate this show so much? It has everything a guy in his mid 20s loves! A ditzy beautiful blonde willing to date a complete geek! Star Wars jokes! (I care very little about Star Trek.) And…..nope that’s it. Boobs and Star Wars. Watching the first season for the first time I couldn’t figure out why I hated this show so much. I ended up watching every episode currently released, sat back, and contemplated why something that marketing wise has struck gold but still fails as a quality TV sitcom. Then it hit me. This show is incredibly shallow. The depth of the characters doesn’t pass their occupation. Every scene is written for a quick cheap laugh.

I understand that Big Bang Theory is a prime time show only meant to entertain. But it feels like a little boy running off firing his super soaker before it even finished filling up. He’ll only be able to run around for 5 minutes and then have to return for more. For you avid viewers, have you noticed the recycling of jokes yet?

Yes, I apologize for this negative post. I was hoping I would like Big Bang Theory before I sat down with it for the first time. I was hoping I would never have to watch another episode of anything like Two and a Half Men again. Then as it turns out, one of the creators of Two and a Half Jokes was behind Big Bag of Crap. There’s no effort in these shows. They’ve figured out how to turn TV comedy into a McDonald’s and create an assembly line of jokes. I hate every fiber of that philosophy.

Luckily there are a million other comedies out there with smarter writing. For example Raising Hope, Community, and classics like Scrubs. You may not like those shows but you can’t deny there’s more effort put into them. They strive for their own styles and are willing to push a few buttons along the way.

All that being said, Kaley Cuoco is pretty hot.


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