The Truman Show

I always get very paranoid watching this movie.

Who says I’m not living in a dome town currently?

I don’t think that show would work in today’s world. Truman would have internet access and a show like that would be mentioned in pop culture too much for him not to hear about it.

The town Truman lives is too perfect that it makes it creepy. Who dresses like that? And having a picture of a plan being struck by lightning in a travel agents office is advertising against your own business. It makes no sense.

Would it be that bad to be in Truman’s position? You have everything given to you, including sex. Granted she doesn’t love him but everything is handed to him. You would live comfortably and your life is going to be interesting because it’s a television show so it has to keep ratings up.

Truman is basically safe from any car accident for his entire life. Who is going to run over the star of the show?

On that note, what if he is really sick for a while? How does the show stay interesting given that the star is stuck in bed? I guess old clips would fill the hours.

Having the whole world know when you are pooping is a downside.

Who would watch this show? You would have to follow it every day and that would get boring after a while. Most of the action would be going on during the day while Truman is at work just like the rest of the world. When everybody gets home from work, so does Truman, and all you would be watching is him eat dinner while you are eating dinner. How lame would that be?

People like closure, the ending of this television show would be his death. The thought and hope that he would find out someday isn’t enough for people to keep coming back. This show would be interesting for a week. It would be like watching a hamster in a cage, but human.

For Ed Harris to get nominated for this movie is pretty astounding considering he doesn’t show up in the movie until an hour into it, and the movie is only 90 minutes. For Jim Carey not to get nominated is even more astounding. Such is life.

Being the star of a television show and not even knowing it is just criminal. Truman would have to get paid for his work. They should have had a room full of money just in case he ever found out and they just give it all to him to try and make him happy. This was the first reality show.

A sequel for this movie is actually not a bad idea. It would be interesting to see how he gets acclimated to society. The entire world knows who he is and he doesn’t know anybody or have any friends.

Would people make fun of him on the outside? You got to think that some people would make fun of him for not finding out sooner. Would he watch video of his life at all? Every second was recorded, you could go back and relive those fake memories.

Watching Toy Story makes me paranoid also. I was randomly coming into my room when I was a kid to see if my toys were alive.


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