500 Days of Summer

500 Days of Summer. In 500 days, Summer goes from dating some random guy (Tom) to meeting the love of her life. 500 days if you were wondering at home is 1.369 years roughly, assuming that this story didn’t take place during a leap year of course. Some people just work quickly.

Ringo Starr being your favorite Beatle is like calling Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull your favorite from the Indiana Jones film franchise. Or it’s calling the Blue Power Ranger your favorite out of the bunch.

When Paul McCartney dies years from now (hopefully) every news station will stop down and talk about the legendary Beatle for at least ten uninterrupted minutes. When Ringo kicks the bucket news stations will use it as a transition story right before showing a commercial for Shamwow.

A movie showing you the end of the story at the beginning of the film is the MapQuest approach. It shows you the ending destination but you still have to fill in the blanks with the directions given. 500 Days of Summer gives you the ending point and then random bits of information as you wonder aimlessly through city streets. You still get there but it’s a different journey.

“What kind of woman likes you perfectly sincerely and has no one else in her life but is not interested in ever getting married?”

Roger Ebert said that in his review for this film. I thought it was a pretty clever observation.

Who knew IKEA was so romantic.

They tell us at the start of this film that “this is no love story”. 500 Days of Summer is more of a transition story for the main characters of how they navigated through life until they found somebody else (hopefully the one, who knows for Tom?). This is the story of Princess Leia and the guy she dated before she met Han Solo. This is the story of Jean Grey and the guy she dated before going out with Cyclops. This is the story of Kelly Kapowski and the guy she dated before Zach Morris. I can keep going but I’ll stop there.

There’s nothing like a random synchronized group dance on the way to work to get your day started. Wait what?         It is now a goal in life for me to be a part of something so random yet sophisticated. It’s on my bucket list right after eating pizza with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, but right before getting caught in one of Spiderman’s webs.

I think every guy should do that song and dance the night after they have sex. I think the city walk tours in LA were very confused when they saw that happening.

I can bet you that Tom did not get the job at the end of the meeting. Who keeps the interviewer waiting not once but twice? I think Autumn might be buying that cup of coffee after their interviews.

If one of them get the job and the other doesn’t then that might also make for an awkward date over coffee. You’re drinking a nice hot beverage across from the person who took your job. The person who didn’t get the job will be on the bread line in six months (LA is expensive) while the other will be wearing nice clothes and going to work every day at a fancy office building. There will be resentment in this relationship.


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