One of my all time favorite movies is not a high budget action flick. Nor a sweet story to make you cry. It’s a gorgeous gritty film about 4 people told in a few carefully chosen words.

I love Closer and let me tell you why. (It’s about to get deep, ya’ll.) I’ve always been a lover, but in being one you pick up a deeper understanding of it. Especially when us kids of the 90’s grew up in one of Disney’s strides of perfect classics-to-be (and now are). We grew up with happy endings, magical moments, and heroes. But when your balls drop you realize there’s more to it. Love is both magical and an illusion. Everyone recognizes the wonder and excitement waiting to make your heart skip a beat. I dare say it’s the biggest reason why the world turns. We do things for those we care about (and yes, if you’re conceited you do things only because you love yourself). Getting out of bed in the morning is something I’m eager and happy to do when the right person fuels me to do so. Other days I sit up on the edge of my mattress out of obligation and undesirable responsibilities. But we all prefer and strongly desire that warm overflowing feeling in our hearts. And that in a nutshell is the magic of love. Unfortunately the illusion comes to light when you acknowledge you yourself help create and maintain this illustrious high.

This will sound incredibly cynical but I see it to only be truthful. There’s a moment with each person where you decide this could be something special or this isn’t at all what you’re looking for. The simple fact that you have to make that decision on your own eludes the concept of a magic moment. And after you choose which, you tell yourself over and over that you were right. Let’s say for example you’re out one night with a beautiful woman. You’ve been on a few dates now spanning a month or so. She seems like everything you’ve ever wanted but the deeper you get into knowing her you might find things that would make you hesitate. Maybe she has no desire to see Europe. Maybe she is in love with the idea of knitting your clothes. Or maybe she spent 3 years in a padded cell. Either way, you already made that initial choice and no matter how crazy she may now seem you still debate with yourself in your head because you wanted to be right. There’s always those split seconds of “This can work!” or “Maybe she finds straitjackets comfortable!” but hopefully in the end you’ll make the decision to turn your heart off and leave. And on the opposite side of that she could leave you, but now you’re debating with her that you’re initial decision was right and there is something between you two. I’m not saying that we only make these decisions to prove ourselves right, but what I am saying is that a lot of truths and lies (whether told to them or yourself) go into keeping something special and fertilizing it to grow. Love is work. Love is extreme passion. Love is only as complicated or as simple as you make it to be.

Closer is a story of 4 people and the love, or lack thereof, between each other. It’s about being addicted to the truth when we need lies. It’s about knowing the difference between lust and love. It’s about cheapening life to get through the day. It’s about small moments, saying the right things, and praying we made the right choices before we fall asleep. Closer is a dialogue driven movie with great actors behind the wheel. Not one word is wasted in this movie and I find that to be beautiful.

I realize this post lacks a certain level of humor I tend to deliver. So I leave you with this.


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