The Shawshank Redemption

On June 11, 1962 three men (almost four) escaped from Alcatraz prison. Nobody knows if they survived. It was the 50th anniversary of this famous escape earlier this week that got me thinking about prison movies and in the mood to watch The Shawshank Redemption (I guess watching Escape of Alcatraz wouldn’t of been a bad choice either, but come on its Shawshank you can’t argue with that).

I think meeting your new fellow inmates in prison is probably more awkward then meeting new classmates on the first day of school. In school you don’t have to shower naked next to new people you’ve only just met. And in school you don’t have to wonder if the person you’re talking to killed somebody.

Being in prison must kill a lot of conversation topics. You can’t talk about the ball game the night before, or even television shows, and the news must travel pretty slow in prison. No wonder all they do is fight, work out, drop the soap, or try and escape.

I couldn’t imagine being in Brooks shoes, after being in prison since the early 1900s, and then he is released in the early 1950s. He missed basically the whole transition of society going from darkness to a world dependent on technology. And the prison must have given him that suit and brief case because those clothes don’t look like they’re from the early 1900s. I guess he got out of two world wars and the great depression.

When did conjugal visits start in the United States prison system?

I wonder if Bogs and “the sisters” had posters of famous men on their walls in their cells, kind of like Andy Dufresne having posters of famous women.

Before we had telephones, what did people ask for a long time ago when they got arrested? “I want my one letter!” They could be hung before they had time to summon their lawyer.

What happens if Red wasn’t fully paying attention to Andy when Andy gave the directions to that tree? Red might of gave up and just killed himself like Brooks did (that grocery store must have a high suicide rate for employees). Somebody would find all that money someday and just spend it on beer and hookers.

I’m not sure I could go through 500 hundred yards of sewage line for freedom. When I look at myself the rest of my life I’ll always know I crawled through 500 yards of turds, and at what cost? What if the pipe wasn’t wide enough for Andy? I guess he would be stuck sitting in his cell like Allen West was in Alcatraz when he tried to escape through the wall to only find out there was a pipe in his way.

How can Andy truly trust Red? The guy is in prison for smuggling items. He could have easily just taken the money and ran. Or even better, Red goes all the way to Mexico waits until the boat is fixed up then kills Andy, taking his hard earned money and boat. And you thought Andy was smart. I see a sequel coming in the near future “Red: boats and hoes”.

It took the four men of Alcatraz one year to dig through the wall with a spoon and it took Andy almost twenty years with a rock hammer. I just found that interesting.


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