“Hurry come quick!”

That’s what was said at the beginning of the movie when an Archaeologist team discovers a cave with ancient drawings on the walls. What exactly is the rush if the drawings were on the walls of the cave for thousands of years? Why all of a sudden do you need to yell to your co-workers over 100 yards away to come quick to see these drawings that have been sitting there for centuries? Just thought I would point that idocracy out, sprained ankles are nothing to joke about there’s no reason to run over on that rocky terrain.

I also love how these prequels are released years after the original storyline was created and they’re suppose to be in the past (ie Star Wars episode 1-3) but they look like they’re the ones that are the technologically advanced period in time.

That being said, Prometheus was a pleasant surprise this summer movie season. I didn’t know what to expect but I was happy I went to go see it.

Spoiler alert.

I’ve stated this before and I’ll state it again, man I’m glad I was born a man.

I would rather become the monster then have it grow inside me.

And why didn’t the monster become partial to its being that helped give birth to it? You would think a newborn would be grateful.

The two scientists who were smart enough to want to leave and go back to the ship weren’t smart enough to retrace their steps. I found that interesting.

That AI David must have really said something to piss off that ancient human for him to go crazy like that. He must have offended his mother or something.

And why was the AI so interested in the movie Lawrence of Arabia? In the time of that storyline Lawrence of Arabia would have been over 125 years old. It’s interesting how he became infatuated with that movie over others. I wonder if people will still be watching movies like Back to the Future, Toy Story, The Shawshank Redemption, Pulp Fiction, and Daddy Day Care (wink) in the year 2093. What movies will still be beloved by future generations is an interesting thought to think about. (I’m never showing my kids Star Wars episode 1-3, they never existed as far as I’m concerned or The Godfather pt 3)

This movie is not for young children. I know the family three rows above thought so but it really isn’t. There’s a reason grown men around me had to cover their eyes when Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace) had to cut open her own stomach and watch her own surgery.

What was the point of the old man trying to meet his creators? I understand he’s rich and doesn’t want to die but the guy looked over 100 years old he had his time on earth. Did he really think his creators could make him young again with the fountain of youth or something? This wasn’t exactly Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Everything must come to an end at some point like presidential terms in office, bottomless fries, Katy Perry’s worldwide dominance, and even the longevity of elastic bands on boxers. Everything has an end, even old rich white people.

After escaping death at the end of the movie why would Dr. Shaw want to go find her makers instead of going back home? If I get in a car accident I’m not going to go look for another accident to get into. She saw how that man reacted to the AI by just speaking to him. Best case scenario Dr. Shaw becomes experimented on by her creators or “engineers”.  

I’m disappointed that they didn’t show one flying car in this movie. I believe we were promised flying cars long ago. And I’m still waiting. We can create life like robots but not a flying car?


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