Edward Scissorhands

So who would live in a neighborhood with an evil looking/haunted mansion overlooking it? The neighborhood is weird enough with every house being a different Easter egg color. The evil house doesn’t help.

Why would Peg (Dianne West) go into that house if nobody answered and then proceed in going up stairs? Breaking and entering is no joke. If Peg keeps getting all these haircuts from Edward she will have less hair then her husband.


Agent: “So Johnny, Tim Burton called he wants you in his next movie!”

Johnny: “He does!? Is it the next Batman movie!?”

Agent:” Um no……..it’s called Edward Scissorhands. He wants you to play a guy who has scissors as hands.”

Johnny:” Will it get me off the set of 21 Jumpstreet?”


Johnny:”I’ll do it, I would’ve said yes to anything.”


One main problem from this movie is that it leaves you wondering how he ever goes to the bathroom. He might be a creation or invention but a guy’s got to take a dump sooner or later. Then how does he wipe? If he can have feelings for a girl then he’s going to have to use the restroom.

The police should know who Edward is when they come to arrest him the first time. You would think seeing how small that town is that a policeman would be up-to-date on the local news. But then again, there was no internet where news stories blow up in five seconds.

There’s nothing scarier then an angry mob of women with bad haircuts. They kind of look like the residents of Whoville.

Here’s a thought: Why does everything that Edward cuts goes flying into the air? Like the dog hair for instance, why would that fly everywhere? When I get a haircut my hair doesn’t fly around the room.

Why didn’t Edward’s creator just make him with hands in the first place? It seems like a lot less work to start out with the correct design then to go back and correct everything.

When Kim (Winona Ryder) tells Edward to “run” little did she know that she has just taught the one guy in the world you don’t want to run with scissors, to in fact run. Kim doesn’t really pick men well either. She’s going out with a crazy teenager that breaks into his own house, (why did he need Edward to do that by-the-way, a simple knife would do) drinks and drives, fights, and has a gun ready and handy. And she also falls for the guy with scissor hands.

It’s funny that the people in this neighborhood go to such great lengths to be nosey about their neighbors (Pam) new friend, but when they’re told he’s dead nobody wants to go see him. You would think somebody would buy that property, demolish that house, and rediscover Edward after all those years.

Edward will never get to go on an airplane.

At least when there’s a flat tire his wife will never make him change it.


One response to “Edward Scissorhands

  1. Very good review and I do agree about the stuff Edward does in a day to day life like going to the bathroom and such.

    But in the end it’s just a movie. It’s fantasy and sometimes we just have to go with it.


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