The Terminator

So let me get this straight, in 1984 a cyborg and a human use time travel, using a one-way ticket mind you, and they show up at their destination completely naked. In 1985 a crazy scientist invents time travel in the form of a DeLorean, that can travel throughout time as long as it can produce 1.21 gigawatts, and they get to keep all their clothes on. I feel like one set  of time travelers are being ripped off. And the ones showing up naked are the ones coming from the future. 

Why didn’t Sarah Conner just hold herself up at a military base, surely an army base could destroy The Terminator. But I guess that wouldn’t make a good cat and mouse movie. On second thought the police station didn’t do so hot but they didn’t have tanks at their disposal.

Just think of all the pressure Sarah Conner now has being told that her unborn child will be some sort of savior to mankind. Does she use birth control whenever she has sex or does she just assume that the man she is sleeping with will produce her son? What if she had to go through three daughters before she got to the birth of John, would she give up having kids after the third daughter? A woman can only take so much.

And does she have to be careful when she’s pregnant with John or because she already knows that he will grow up healthy that she throws caution to the wind and drink, smoke, and ride roller coasters while she’s pregnant? If you knew you were going to die at 103 years old would you even second guess having dessert when your 33 years old? I wouldn’t blame her for having a fun night out during her third trimester.

And how does she raise John? When does she let him know about his future or does she train him for his impending duties? And if she lets him know does it change the future? If she raises her son thinking that he will help save mankind and Skynet never takes off as a company and later rule the earth because of some unforeseen shift in the future timeline, John could only think about his wasted life and how crazy his mom is.

What if Sarah Conner decided to become lesbian? What if she wanted to be lesbian, having a baby just to save the world would be a big sacrifice to her lifestyle.

I guess John Conner will never have to wonder if he was an accident. But he does have the unfortunate task of trying to explain to all his friends growing up that his dad didn’t leave his family, he just hasn’t been born yet.

When The Terminator gets to the third Sarah Conner’s house why does he stop asking if she is indeed Sarah Conner? Why go through the trouble of asking the first women if she is Sarah Conner and not do it the last time? Shoot first and ask questions later is a bad motto to live by. If The Terminator just asked that poor girl if she was Sarah Conner then that whole mess would have been avoided.

If Sarah Conner was born a few years later The Terminator wouldn’t have used a phonebook to lookup where the Sarah Conners lived in Los Angeles. He would have had to go through different avenues through the internet to find the correct Sarah to hunt down. But not having a phone book to use wouldn’t be all that bad. I can just picture The Terminator making a Facebook or Twitter account and having to look up where she was because Sarah would probably be broadcasting where she was that night on some social media site.

The Terminator would no doubt go with the bathroom mirror photo for his profile picture.

And what if Sarah Conner didn’t want to have a kid?


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