Beauty and the Beast

Once upon a time there was a prince with an extravagant castle hidden in The Middle of Nowhere, France. While his parents were away on business tending to their guillotine and baguette industry, he became very spoiled. His servants tried to ground him and prohibit his use of striped shirts, cigarettes, and berets but their efforts proved fruitless. Till one day Glinda the Good Witch arrived disguised as a homeless woman coincidentally finding a castle in the middle of the woods. How did she avoid the wolves? No one knows. When the young prince gazed upon her face, he sensed a foreigner and turned her away. She offered him a single rose as payment for a nights stay, but alas the prince knew the price of harboring illegal Swiss. Again insisting she leave, Glinda showed her true form and cursed the smart royal lad into a life as one of Disney’s best known characters. Until one day he becomes incredibly lucky and a young french girl with an amazing american accent knocks on his door. With the help of all the murder weapons from Clue, true love is found.

Okay, my explanation may not be verbatim…but it got the major plot points across. Now allow me to get my major points about Beauty and the Beast across. Erhmm. It was amazing. Both in 1991 and in 2012. And now officially part of my Blu-ray collection, I have no regrets purchasing this movie nor spending 5 hours one night soaking in the classic story telling and beautiful art only drawn on paper. (No, the movie is not 5 hours. But I’m excellent at savoring.) This Disney classic was the first ever animated movie to be nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars, and it well deserved it. Although the Walt Disney company has a reputation for being very cut throat when it comes to business tactics, it can’t be denied that there is real magic behind their walls. And when the critics/newspapers/tweets reference “the magic” in Disney Studios, they mean literally that. Real Harry Potter – Merlin  – David Blaine kind of magic.

I truly believe that everything happens for a reason, so when the right people at the right time can come together and create something that will stand against the corrosive winds of time, it’s nothing less than an act of God. So many different roads could have been taken and this story would have either been flushed permanently or worse…it could have continued to be released world wide and proving to be more of a flop than Beauty and the Beast: Belle’s Magical World. (Sorry Disney, you deserve both the praise and the criticism.)

If you haven’t seen this movie, then you’ve been living in a cardboard box. And if you’ve been living in a cardboard box, I’d love to ask you some questions. But this is a must see movie for all races/genders/species/double-jointed people.


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