E.T. the Extra Terrestrial

When does ET come out on Blue Ray? What’s taking so long?


The only thing missing from the classroom scene with Elliot is his teacher speaking like the adults do in the Charlie Brown series. 

I had to eat some Reese’s Pieces while watching this movie. That’s like eating pizza while watch Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, or eating White Castle while watching Harold and Kumar go to White Castle, or maybe dreaming while watching Inception.

The first close up of an adults face other than the mother’s face is one hour and twenty three minutes into the movie.

If a quarantine occurred like it did in this movie in the present day it would be all over the internet in five minutes. If the raid on Osama bin Laden’s house was on twitter live (unknowingly) than for certain Elliot’s neighbors would be talking about this instantly. The 80s were so innocent.

Where are the Men in Black when you need them? If they were paying attention to that ship landing then none of this would have happened. They can apparently time travel now they should of known this was coming.

At least we now know that Sesame Street can teach humans and Extra Terrestrials how to read. You would think Sesame Street would market that fact somehow. Big Bird is such a gangsta. 

If ET would have had those bikes fly the whole time during the chase scene at the end of the movie, then that whole situation would have been avoided. There was countless damage to public property.

Fun fact: the first thing/guy that Drew Barrymore locked lips with in her film career was ET, so does that mean Adam Sandler kissed ET indirectly?

If humans could figure out how to be connected like ET and Elliot did then people would save a lot of money on beer. One beer could be consumed by two people.

I can see it now ET 2: The Extra Terrestrial divorce. ET comes back and lives with Elliot in his bachelor pad and they get old and fat together eating Reese’s Pieces.

You would think it would cost less to live in California, not more. Think about all the stuff Californians have to deal with Extra Terrestrials, earthquakes, killer birds (Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds), Sky Net (the Terminator), T-Rex (the unnecessary end to Jurassic Park: the Lost World), the rise of the planet of the apes, and Gary Busey. The next time you hear somebody talk about how great it is to live in southern California, think twice before you agree with them.

This was Steven Spielberg’s best movie about an alien. Does that include The Terminal?


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