The Alamo

To hell with Tennessee, To Texas!

The Alamo is a long forgotten movie that came out almost eight years ago and flopped at the box office. It isn’t as bad as a box office bust is supposed to be. Maybe that’s my Texas roots clouding my vision, but you know a bad movie when you see it. This by no means is a good movie, it’s forgetful, but I didn’t smell fish when I lifted my armpit so-to-speak.

I didn’t particularly like Dennis Quaid’s supporting role in this movie, something about it just annoyed me. But call me crazy I didn’t mind Billy Bob (Davy Crockett), James Patric (James Bowie), and Patrick Wilson (William Travis) doing the heavy lifting in this movie.

You would think Santa Anna would learn from those close calls. The guy almost gets hit by a cannonball and then almost is shot in the chest and is still fearless. The guy almost had more close calls on him then “Chuck” had cancellation attempts by NBC.

The whole Alamo fight to the death leaves me thinking about Helms Deep from Lord of the Rings. If I was going to fight to the death in a defensive position I would at least want a better spot than an old broken down mission. The Alamo could have only been properly defended with at least a couple hundred Elves from Rivendell. Take that Santa Anna.

I also didn’t mind all the little Hollywood things they added in there to make the movie more interesting. Some of these little add-ons bother me in certain movies, but to keep things interesting for a movie that’s about basically one battle you need these things. There is no way there were all these little speeches going on during these actual events. Most of the men were probably just sitting around a camp fire eating beans and bread instead of listing to William Travis give some speech, or watch Davie Crockett almost kill Santa Anna, and play the fiddle.

The historical inaccuracies don’t bother me because the only people that would know how James Bowie really died or how Davy Crockett really died are in the Mexican army and they argued about every supposed death scenario.

And to think Davy Crockett went to the Alamo just looking to get a bunch of land in Texas, he had no ambitions in fighting. He brought thirty men with him from Tennessee to their death. What a good friend Davy was, nice going.

I didn’t care for the last fifteen minutes for the most past, probably because of Mr. Quaid (I like him but not this time).

Maybe people would of liked this movie when it came out if it was about their own state. I can just picture it now, those brave men fought and died defending the Alamo in honor of the Republic of Idaho.

And how does Crockett know he’s a screamer if he’s never died before?


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