The Proposal

I find it hilarious that after an absence from NMB, I return with a chick-flick. At least you guys are happy I’m back, right? Right?

I am back my friends. And before you jump to conclusions, I have a tardy slip. I’ve been gone preparing/volunteering/attending/shooting the 2012 Dallas Comedy Festival. Not to mention I’m moving simultaneously. But regardless of my long list of things to do, I’m here tonight to talk to you about a fun little diddy, The Proposal.

I enjoy well done chick-flicks. There are some that can surpass your expectations and leave you not-quite regretting the few hours you just lost. Although I believe that list to be short, there are a few. (I’m referring to the rom-coms that won’t be remembered because of their brilliance but because they’re a guilty pleasure for one reason or another.) One of those is How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days, mostly because Kate Hudson is hard to despise and the stereotypes they joust with back and forth are fun to see played out. The other is The Proposal, mostly because every guy wants to be Ryan Reynolds. And partly because Betty White steals the screen. And less partly because Sandra Bullock still has some game. Otherwise, this movie has nothing going for it.

No, I’m not joking. The movie follows every other waste-of-time ploy that has been done throughout the history of date movies. Cute animal? Check. Embarrassing reveal to the family? Czech. A naked scene? Nike Swoosh. So why does this movie straddle the border of Someonetakethisremoteandkillmenowville and Gigglegiggleheeheetown? I’ll tell you why.

It’s because every guy knows one incredibly beautiful woman who annoys the crap out of them. We want to be just as snide as Ryan Reynolds, tell her off without really breaking her heart, and get away with it after we find out she might be our perfect match. I know, that may sound like a stretch but it’s true. I don’t care if you deny it, I’m too stubborn to let you change my mind. Ipso facto, truth. And women, well they want a guy who won’t leave after they find out about their crazy. Which I believe to be a stupid reason, it’s their crazy that makes them interesting and worth pursuing. YOU HEAR THAT LADIES?!?! THAT’S THE SOUND OF YOUR EXCUSES BLOWING UP IN YOUR FACE! AND NO, I WON’T VISIT YOU IN THE EMERGENCY ROOM! MOSTLY BECAUSE YOU’LL BE WRAPPED IN GAUZE AND I’LL LOOK STUPID AFTER WALKING BY YOUR BED AND NOT RECOGNIZING YOU AND YOU’LL NEVER LET ME FORGET IT!

Whether my reasons for The Proposal are true or not, I stand by my words. This movie is a fun one. Well…fun enough.


2 responses to “The Proposal

  1. Kyle, what you seem to not understand is that Ryan Reynolds is hot. Smokin’ hot! And he is half naked in this movie…which is why it is one of my favorite movies. Yes, who doesn’t love Betty White and who can’t forget the girl next door Sandra Bullock, but Ryan, oh sweet Ryan…Kyle, you need to be a chick if you judge chick flicks! You’re missing the most important stuff to chat about!


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