Back to the Future

I don’t think there has ever been a better time traveling movie then Back to the Future. Who knew all you needed was a Flux-Capacitor and a car that goes 88mph to be able to travel time and make out with a younger version of your mom?

Quick thought: Back to the future pt II and III have the same exact jokes and action sequence in the town setting of Hill Valley when Marty is trying to get away from the bullies. Well apparently The Hangover 2 is exactly the same as The Hangover. How does Back to the Future pt II and III get a free pass and everybody with ears and eyes complained about The Hangover 2? I’m not saying people love the Back to the Future sequels as much as the original but they are not universally spite on by society, like The Hangover 2 is.

Do actors and actresses get paid extra for playing multiple roles? Michael J Fox plays his own son and daughter in the future. Do you think he got paid more? Adam Sandler recently played his own twin sister, but he probably should have taken a pay cut for that performance.

Time travel in the movies comes from all over from black holes, or by means of a machine (time machine), or one way travel (terminator), and of course a hot tub. By far the coolest way of time traveling is the DeLorean. My only complaint is that it isn’t very big. You shouldn’t be taking full truck loads of people in time travel but what if you have a souvenir? What are you going to do if it doesn’t fit in the DeLorean, mail it to yourself in the future?

Of course financial gains would be a major attraction of using time travel. But I don’t think the person smart/crazy enough to discover time travel would ever care about making money off their own invention. If I invented time travel I would want to go see who really shot Kennedy, or what was Michael Jackson thinking before his first plastic surgery procedure, and maybe find out if Elvis really died on the toilet.

Time traveling is by far one of the most interesting day-dream possibilities Hollywood can entertain us with. It’s right up there with the prospect of a Zombie Apocalypse and the amaze and wonder of how Adam Sandler can keep one-upping himself with another horrible movie.

As the weather outside puts me in a summer movie state of mind. Back to the Future is one of those all time great summer time movies you go back to every year. I know it’s summertime when I’m watching superhero movies, ET, Jaws, Jurassic Park, and Will Farrell comedies.

On a side note, how does the school principal Mr. Strickland not age a day from the 1950s to the 1980s is he an alien or something? I think there’s enough back-story there in the explanation of that question for a spin-off movie. I would watch 100 minutes of that. I realize he just got rid of the side hair but that guy doesn’t age in the face at all. How does he go from strict principal to a guns-a-blazing crazy old guy in the alternate timeline? So many questions so little time…..or is there a lot of time?

(Yes I know I talked about Back to the Future trilogy as one movie)

Only three more years until I upgrade my Ford Ranger to a Flying Ford Ranger.


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