Netflix Pick of the Week: Walk the Line

Walk the Line is kind of a better version of Ray but with a lesser leading role. I’m not taking anything away from Joaquin Phoenix he was great, but Jamie Fox had to play a blind guy, who dealt with racism, drugs, and alcohol. Joaquin just had to worry about playing a guy with a drug and alcohol problem…lucky him.

Johnny Cash must have spent his entire adult life sweating wearing all that black. In approximately 65% of the scenes (check me I double-dog-dare-you) Joaquin Phoenix is in, he is sweating like crazy, and he doesn’t even have black on in all of those scenes. Mr. Cash must have won the battle over dandruff. Nobody likes the sight of snowflakes on a black shirt.

I wonder if Matthew Broderick or Neil Patrick Harris were considered for the role of Johnny Cash, they have nice deep voices.

This is obviously not a new movie but it’s nice to go back and watch fine acting work from past years during the dead point in the year for movies. Joaquin Phoenix was so good in this role his career skyrocketed after this role (wink). But seriously, Reese Witherspoon (Hollywood’s official girl next door) was great in this movie next to Mr. Phoenix.

I wonder how much trouble it was to get that huge tractor out of the lake.

I’m not sure targeting men in prison is also the best career decision. How are they supposed to pay for your new records? They have to sneak everything in like smokes, rocks, hammers, and posters of girls (haven’t you seen Shawshank?). I thought I was about to start watching the ending credits of Seinfeld’s series finale. I think if Johnny continued to focus on the prison crowd he would have had to continue walking around Nashville on foot to get everywhere (thus sweating even more).

Do yourself a favor and check out Joaquin in the last good role he was in before he jumped off the deep-end. You even get a look at a young Elvis (it’s just Tyler Hilton (who?)). Not a perfect movie but it was well done. Netflix it.


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