The Walking Dead

You want to know why The Walking Dead is so popular? If you’ve seen the show and you’re reading this post, you’ve already answered the question for me. But if you haven’t seen the AMC series, let me lay it out for you. (I assume you’re reading this post right now so you not watching the show is the only option left…)

The Walking Dead is actually based on a comic book. Yep! Eww, you should probably close that mouth of yours before you start drooling on your keyboard. Some of you might still wonder if comics are “cool” or not. Well, have you seen Batman Begins or Dark Knight? Pssh. Of course you have, why else would those projects produce several billions of dollars in box office earnings? Sorry, I’ll try not to ask anymore already answered questions. Yes, comics are cool. They’ve been around almost as long as the movies themselves. So, over time the stories upped the ante. And with the invention of the computer we’ve become the luckiest generations to ever see a moving picture. But where is it written that these wondrous tales must reside in the theaters? Did Gandhi say it? Did Jesus? Did the almighty inventor of the bendy straw pronounce this rule?

Everyone loves a good zombie movie. (If you don’t, I don’t consider you a human being therefore you’re not a part of “everyone”.) But what do we hate about zombie movies the most? Is it that gore can be overdone? Nope. Is it that the premise isn’t biologically possible? Not in the least. Is it that Netflix will start buffering right before someone is about to die? Not really, that’s your fault for living with and paying for tortoise speed bandwidth. It’s that the movies end. WE DON’T WANT THEM TO END! Well guess what fanatics, The Walking Dead is a TV series and will keep going and going until their Energizer Bunny dies and becomes a member of the undead himself.

You know, if you think about it nerds/geeks are like zombies. There are so many out there that when we band together nothing will stop us, not even a wooden fence. (If you’re not laughing please go watch the Season 2 finale.) I love this show. The lovers love it. The haters talk about it, which still gets the word out (thank you haters!). Although, like every other comic to screen project, they didn’t follow the illustrated pages verbatim…but I don’t care. It’s a great show. The characters are well orchestrated. The teenage drama is overshadowed by violence. The color schemes are played brilliantly. And it seems that a few Brits can play Georgians better than the Americans. Go figure.

I can’t fathom one complaint about this show. Okay, that’s not true. I can come up with quite a few, but my eternal optimism wants to tell you to hold strong to your suspension of disbelief and enjoy one of the best zombie projects ever seen.


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