Ryan Gosling could have made a jacket with a unicorn on the back of it cool with this role. I haven’t seen a movie with better car chase scenes since Talladega Nights………. But seriously they’re pretty good.

The Driver could make a good taxi driver if he quits the mechanic business. 

I did learn something from this movie that every woman should learn….That Ryan Gosling looks weird bald. Some people pull off the bald look perfectly and others not so much. So the next time guys you hear a girl going crazy for Ryan make sure you let them know if he goes bald things won’t be so perfect.

The Driver would also make a great school bus driver. I would trust him with my kids.

Some people may be put off by the lack of dialogue or emotion displayed by the Driver. Clint Eastwood didn’t need a bunch of fancy dialogue and facial expressions to pull off one of the more memorable roles of his career in the famous Spaghetti Western trilogy (A Fistful of Dollars, A Few Dollars More, and The Good the Bad and The Ugly). I don’t see a trilogy coming from this movie (wink). What this movie lacks in dialogue from its main character it makes up with style and quality. You won’t find many movies that came out in 2011 done as well as this one. There are always movies that fall through the cracks every year that deserve a wider audience, like Gran Torino in 2008, well this is 2011’s Gran Torino.

He could probably make a good babysitter also. Benicio seemed to like him I’m sure Irene will give references.

The Driver seems to have commitment issues. He can’t keep a phone, regular clients, apartment, cars, bosses, and friends. He doesn’t seem like husband material. That jacket must smell like grease balls also, but I guess the Arthur Fonzarelli didn’t have a problem with that but the 50s were a different time. People thought hiding under a desk would save them from a nuclear attack. If Indiana Jones has taught us nothing, it is that a lead-lined refrigerator will save you.

He could also make a good clinical psychologists, he listens well and keeps track of the time.

The Driver is well worth your 100 minutes. But beware you could catch a Ryan Gosling crush. Albert Brooks, Carey Mulligan, Bryan Cranston, and Ron Pearlman were all great alongside Mr. Gosling. I was hooked from the trailer, I had to see this movie. It didn’t disappoint.

The Driver would be the perfect pizza delivery boy. 15 minutes or less.


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