My Week with Marilyn

My Week with Marilyn just came out on DVD and it is well worth your time to check it out.

That being said, My Week with Marilyn is by no means a great movie. It was entertaining and well worth watching to see Michelle Williams as Marilyn Monroe. I really didn’t think the movie started clicking until about forty-five minutes into it. That’s not something you want to say about a movie that is not even one-hundred minutes.

There were too many things about this movie that made it feel too Hollywood. Why in the world would Laurence Oliver give some private speech to Colin Clark in the screening room near the end of the movie? It’s just not believable. If the story is going to be based on true events (supposedly) then the audience expects realism throughout the movie, not just when it’s convenient. And that is just an example, it’s not as bad as I make it sound, but it did annoy me a little.

After watching this I did take away something interesting. Marilyn Monroe dubbed the “most famous woman alive” in the movie, couldn’t even get into Windsor Castle, so what’s the point of being that famous if you can’t even get into cool spots? Marilyn can’t even walk down the street without causing a riot, and she can’t even get into exclusive areas. So why even bother being famous? Is it really worth it to deal with all the hassle if you can’t even get a private tour every once in a while? I understand Adam Sandler can’t be dropping in on the White House on a random Tuesday afternoon while the president is busy but if he isn’t home why not right? If there’s a zombie apocalypse all the celebrities will get special protection for some reason anyways. If you’re important enough to get special protection during a zombie apocalypse, then you’re special enough to check out Area 51.

It’s always interesting to see modern day actors portraying famous people from the past. This past year we’ve seen such portrayals of such characters as Marilyn Monroe, J. Edgar Hoover, and Margaret Thatcher. In the future twenty years from now, I would like to see a movie about the life and times of Casey Affleck. Ben Affleck could play Casey. A spare superstar playing a spare brother. I would watch a hundred minutes of that.


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