I tried watching a scene of the Big Bang Theory on YouTube without the laugh track…….it didn’t work ( It was hard to watch. Do we really think the Big Bang Theory is funny or do we just like it because they’re telling us it’s funny? Don’t get me wrong I like watching the Big Bang Theory but is it really that great? I understand Jim Parsons getting an Emmy for his role playing Sheldon Cooper, he does fine work in that role. The show wouldn’t be worth watching without Dr. Sheldon Cooper. But why did Johnny Galecki even get an Emmy nomination for his role in that show? Seriously.

This isn’t a knock on the Big Bang Theory, the show is just a prime example.

Why even watch Two and a Half Men every week, it’s just the same joke every scene in every episode. We get it John Cryer’s character is a loser.

It’s refreshing when a comedy can be creative and they don’t have to use the crutch of a laugh-track. Kind of like Modern Family or say………. Community?

The critics are starting to jump on board with this show, and it’s about time. (Hulu ranked it as the top comedy on television in 2011 by-the-way) Now only if this cult following Community has would tune in all at the same time so they put up some respectable ratings.

It is hard to jump into a comedy series that has inside jokes sprinkled into every episode, I get it. And you can obviously see that this show doesn’t appeal to the 50 year old dad, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give it a chance. How often do we run across a show that gives us a claymation episode one season, a musical episode the next season, and a fake clip show mixed in there also? I admit not every joke is a homerun but at least they try and be different. They earn an “lol” Community doesn’t force it out of you with canned laughter.

The obvious comparison to Community is Arrested Development. Which was beloved by critics and not by so many fans, at least not while it was on the air. More and more people (myself included) didn’t give Arrested Development a chance until it was too late. The fact that Arrested Development was on track to getting canceled actually probably made the show even funnier, but that’s a different story. Let’s hope that if Community eventually does get the axe, the ending isn’t as messy as Fox made it out to be for Arrested Development (the finale was during the opening ceremony for the Olympics, that’s just one example).

And now Community is coming back Thursday March 15th after a hiatus and they’ll be up against the ratings juggernaut “The Big Bang Theory”…..again. Which show will you watch for your comedy fix on Thursdays? 

On a side note, I almost left the television on NBC the other night just to give that channel a ratings boost. It’s hard to watch a network get last all the time. You just feel sorry for them after a while, but every industry needs a Sears or a Detroit Lions to make fun of.

Six Seasons and a Movie!


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