Kung Fu anybody? No, not the panda. I’m talking as a genre of film.

I enjoy a good martial arts movie every now-and-again. (Because that’s a specific measurement of time?) There never really is that much to say about them. Granted, I haven’t seen as many as most but let me break it down for you. They play the underdog story, a lot. And through the power of kung fu or hushu or something I’ve never heard of…they rise against the power at hand. Usually meaning anything that threatens their way of a peaceful life or cultural customs ruining they’re ancient ways (like the people from the west moving to China or Japan or wherever). Because they are based on martial art forms that aren’t from here, you better enjoy reading subtitles. I have nothing against that at all. I’ve seen some great foreign flicks. But because they are indeed from other cultures, their directing styles and story telling abilities…differ. Their ideas of how to convey love, the passing of time, and character growth are not what we’re used to. Luckily they don’t need any comedic talents because we’re all amazed at their flying around abilities with a sword. Or a spear. Or a wooden platform built 4 stories off the ground?

I’m not going to lie, I didn’t like Fearless. Didn’t care for the main character nor did I want to see him succeed. The choreography in the many (as expected) fight scenes weren’t my favorite as compared to other films…like Ip Man. Jet Li as an athlete? Superb. Jet Li as an actor? Believable. Jet Li as a blockbuster sensation? I rather take a silverback gorilla named Ruth for a walk with a leash. Kung Fu movies as a genre? Don’t abandon all hope. They’re alive and well, and for good reasons.

You avid readers might notice my lack of pep or random tangent thoughts in this post. Let’s just say I’ve had a rough week. And part of it is because I stayed up till 1:30am last night to watch Fearless. Another part of it is because I just spent my hard earned money for the first time with Redbox to watch Green Lantern after work today. (There’s sweat, blood, and tears in that $1.60 rental.) I know, I know. GL wasn’t supposed to be a good movie and I knew that going in. But it’s a superhero movie and I had to see it. It was entertaining and enjoyable but such a failure when compared to the hype before it was released and knowing how much money they spent on it. I have no zest right now. Someone poor Tabasco down my boxers. Someone sneeze silly putty on my shirt. Someone hold my hand as I recite the speech from Independence Day. I need a pick-me-up.

Wait, I have an idea how…



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