Warrior is like Rocky but UFC style but instead of a love story it contains a story about a fractured family. I didn’t have high hopes for this movie because it looked so predictable but I was pleasantly surprised about how well it developed the back story of each character.

Because it is a sports movie it has its cheesy moments that annoy me, like the confrontation between the two brothers on the beach, but Warrior is well worth watching especially for the greatness of Nick Nolte as a recovering alcoholic father of the two fighters. Hearing about his performance turned me onto watching this movie and that’s how you find out about good movies sometimes, by just watching them for certain performances kind of like watching “Beginners” from this year for Christopher Plummer’s performance.

I didn’t have a big problem with the final outcome but why did the two brothers have to end up fighting each other? That seems a little farfetched especially two out of nowhere fighters from the same family fighting in an improbable fighting tournament. How can you have a 16 man tournament fought within days of each other? I’m pretty sure boxers and UFC fighters have months in-between each fight for a reason. I also had a small problem with making Tom Hardy’s character going AWOL from the army, I’m not sure that plot twist was completely necessary. Why would the army still let him fight the final fight if they found out he went AWOL? Why didn’t they just arrest him on the spot before the final match, but I guess logical endings don’t make good endings for movies trying to make money.

Normally when a movie is more than two hours I like to dissect it to see if it was worth stretching the movie past the normal two hour barrier. Warrior past the test, it didn’t drag and filled the extra twenty minutes with some good back story. Warrior isn’t perfect and it is cheesy at times but it is well done with some good performances, and well worth your time.


One response to “Warrior

  1. They fought each other at the end for dramatic tension. They were both capable fighters & were the best one in MMA & the other a wrestler. They both need the money for different reasons, if they hadn’t fought at the end it would have been a let down. What happens in there fight shows the determination of the characters. Especially Tom Hardy’s character. The army let him fight even though he went AWOL because he saved the other soldiers life. The film isn’t really about fighting at all. It’s about what you will do for other people – your wife – your family – your comrades. Fighting is just the narrative tool to help express this.


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