Netflix Pick of the Week: Louie

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is considered by some to be like Seinfeld on crack that must make Louie the R-rated Seinfeld. Louie is also like Curb Your Enthusiasm but funnier. I love Larry David but I think Louie pulls this style off a little bit better.

I decided to give the series a try because the episodes are only 22 minutes. I’m just too lazy to watch a show that is over 40 minutes long per episode (sorry Mad Men). Although there is only the first season of Louie on Netflix instant queue right now, I would give it a try. I flew through the first season in almost a day.

The first episode just hooked me, the date Louie goes on just cracks me up thinking about it. Louie is like the fat loser version of Seinfeld but without friends and has kids. There is just something so simple about a show about nothing. You can relate to the comedy better, all of the stories seem realistic (even the lesbian mother storyline).

Much like how Seinfeld had his stand up connected to his show for most of his series, Louie incorporates his stand up also. I will warn you that his intro music to the show is quite annoying and it might be the worst theme song of all time. Just thinking about it right now makes my prostate hurt. And you have to watch him scarf down a pizza while you listen to it also (quite possibly the most useless opening of a show of all time).

Do yourself a favor and check this series out if the first episode doesn’t hook you then something is wrong with you.


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