50/50 is the percentage shot that you have of hating Seth Rogen’s character “Kyle” for the majority of the movie. 50/50 is the story of this guy Adam (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) going through cancer treatment and how his life falls apart around him in the process. He has a girlfriend who cheats on him, a best friend who uses his own misfortune to pick up sympathy sex from women, and on top of that he gets a new dog that might possibly be without an owner if he dies.

Adam is basically given a 50/50 shot according to his internet research, which begs the question why doesn’t he just ask his doctor his actual shot at living? Granted the doctor seems distant and speaks in doctor-speak half the time, so his patients can’t even understand him.

There is a bright side to Adam’s misfortune he gets counseling from the very good looking Anna Kendrick. And I guess he did gain a dog from his soon to be ex-girlfriend for coming down with cancer. He also makes some kick-ass friends while going through chemotherapy, these are two guys I wouldn’t mind smoking weed with (if I had cancer and smoked weed that is).

This is a great story of struggle and how Adam’s disease ultimately brings him closer to his best friend, mom, and hot counselor. I fully expected Adam to die at the end of this movie. And while I won’t give away the ending I was pleasantly surprised the way the movie wrapped itself up, and there is also some good suspense created from the scene before he goes to surgery.

One more note, why would he still shave his head with his friend’s beard-trimmer after finding out he shaves his balls with it? I know you might die of cancer but that doesn’t mean that you should stop caring about what you put on your head. I have a strict no beard-trimmer or clippers that have touched another man’s junk near my head policy that I will live by all the way to the end, I’ll even put it in my will that my dead body will not be touched by anything that has touched another guys balls. True Story.


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