Netflix Pick of the Week: Margin Call

Margin Call is the story of a historic unnamed investment firm around the time of the 2008 mortgage bubble bust. After finding out that the mortgages they are acquiring are creating more losses than the actual worth of the firm, they have to game-plan during the middle of the night to try and figure out what to do.

Sam Rogers (Kevin Spacey) isn’t ok with the idea of just selling the basically deadly-infected stock off to customers that they do business with all the time. But as John Tuld (Jeremy Irons aka Scar from Lion King) describes to Rogers it is all about surviving.

Margin Call is probably my favorite Wall Street drama of all-time (sorry Wall Street). This film is the realistic view of how a business in trouble tries to get out of trouble at any cost, that means sometimes that you have to screw over some people and possibly bankrupt innocent businesses in the process.

Sam Rogers is in charge of the sellers at the firm and he had to basically tell them that you have to complete this task (selling all of the bad stock) by the end of the day, and by completing this task you are terminating your position. Granted that they’re offered multiple million dollar bonuses based on their success of selling off the dead stock. Selling off that stock by those employees is like Superman blowing up the sun to defeat an enemy (minus the bonus), the sun is where he gets his power to be Superman.

This film was nominated for an Academy Award for best original screen-play for a reason. The two writing categories are my favorite categories from the Academy Awards. These two categories offer a film-addict some of the most interesting and refreshing movies of the year. The films nominated for these categories sometimes get overlooked for other the sexier categories but this film has a great cast. The scenes with Kevin Spacey and Jeremy Irons are by far the most attention grabbing, Irons has a great presence that just convinces you that he really is a CEO badass that just helicopters in during the middle of the night and gives heroic speeches.

There are some great struggles in this film like Kevin Spacey’s character trying to keep from turning into a Wall Street monster or Zachery Quinto’s character going up the corporate ladder while his best friend falls off the ladder. This film is worth the time to watch it, even if you don’t care about the business mumbo-jumbo, the film keeps the non-business brains in the loop the entire time.


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