Mr. & Mrs. Smith

I want to apologize to the public of NMB before I shame myself by using this phrase: Brangelina.

Here’s where it all began. The super couple that is Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. What gave birth to this Hollywood hokum?  Mr. & Mrs. Smith. But let’s back track and just focus on the movie for a second. I like the Smith family. Upstanding citizens, the “it” couple, and the kind of people everyone wants on their block in their suburb. But like every marriage (in the movies, possibly real life)…(I honestly haven’t been married so I can’t speak from experience) they keep secrets from each other. Their secret? It’s the same one. They’re both their agency’s top assassin! Bum bum buuuuummmmm! Sounds formulaic, and it kind of is. However, I will say that I’ve always been one to respect any movie choice by Brad Pitt. He knows what’s good and delivers most of the time. Angelina? Eh.

Directed by Doug Liman…wait. What’s that noise? Is that the bell ringing in your head? You’re right! He did direct the Bourne trilogy! Errhmm. Back to what I was saying, Doug Liman most definitely delivered with Mr. & Mrs. Smith. It may not be a favorite of a typical audience, but pay attention to the small things. This is a love story hidden behind punches. Every piece of choreography was evenly leveled for the man and wife to each have their turn. Strong personalities create an explosive relationship! And the colors! Every scene had vibrantly subtle colors translating into emotions and states of mind. The lighting! I’m a huge fan of natural light. I think the sun (or whatever bulbs they have replaced our sun with) can have a profound impact on any setting. When they were in Bogotá, loved it. It just worked. Not to mention the score accurately pushed the right buttons. I can’t speak whether or not the music was any good (I have composer friends for those opinions) but for me it worked. Add it all together, the movie….well…worked. 

The only part of the movie that didn’t quite work for me was Mrs. Smith. I’m not a fan of Angelina Jolie. You may think she’s gorgeous, but I…wait. Let me put this into algebra terms. She has all the variables to equal X (a beautiful woman), but every time I run that equation I’m not finding the right answer. She has the lips, the smile, the hair, the jubblies, the legs…but I can’t seem to solve for X. Nothing against her as a person, I’m just not feeling her wavelength. (I may have jumped the algebra bus and found the acoustical physics train.)

You know what? Screw the subject of Brangelina. Go pick up a copy of People Magazine or something. But if you want a good chick flick/action movie/marital comedy…enjoy Mr. & Mrs. Smith.


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