The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou

Sometimes you’re just in the mood for something…different. (Vague, isn’t it?)

As a comedian and a film person in general, it’s a nice refresher when you find a new/not norm/weird vision. I’ve seen a handful of Wes Anderson’s films and I’ve always enjoyed them for that specific reason. Today it was The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou. Although considered a box office flop, that doesn’t mean it’s a flop in every other category. Wait, it does mean it’s a flop to the movie goers who like the usual/norm/not weird visions. GET OVER IT PEOPLE! FILM IS AN ART! IT’S GOING TO PUSH BOUNDARIES! (Now I sound like a hippie.)

If you’re a fan of Bill Murray, you’re a fan of Wes Anderson. They like working together, and frankly Bill Murray is the soul of The Life Aquatic. It’s his on screen heavy hitting yet light delivery words that are hilarious and so interesting to follow. But of course, now we’re just talking about all of Bill Murray’s movies. (Haha. Dogs and cats living together, that is mass hysteria!) Let’s not get distracted my ADD crowd. Murray isn’t alone on this aquatic voyage. Owen Wilson, Cate Blanchett, Anjelica Huston, Willem Dafoe, Jeff Goldblum, and Michael Gambon all join in to make this absurd story an adventure!

Quick synopsis? Yes? Okay. Murray plays Steve Zissou, a once famous wildlife explorer who turns each adventure into big documentaries. Now he’s getting older, not so popular, no one cares. In his latest film, his best friend dies at the teeth of a new species: Jaguar Shark. So he sets out to finish the film and destroy this new man-eater. Throw in a rough marriage, a pregnant reporter, and a man who reveals himself to be a probable son…and you have yourself an awkward vibrant comedy. I love it. I may not be laughing out loud (Psst. Juveniles! That’s “lol” in your language!) nor am I running to my friends encouraging them to watch it, but I am enjoying it for myself. If you’re asking, I would recommend it. Expand your mind my wee friends. You might even seem more cultured when you tell your friends you’ve watched it. (Cool points!) I will rave about the soundtrack! Throw in some simple electro-beats. (I may have just made up that term.) And best of all, a few David Bowie songs sprinkled throughout the movie…..on acoustic guitar….in Portuguese….performed live in the movie. (I see that smile growing on your face!)


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