The Descendants

The Descendants is a smart well written comedy-drama starring Batman, George Clooney. This is probably my favorite movie of the year, and I would say it is the best movie that contains dialogue I’ve seen this year. And after watching this movie all I want to do is move to Hawaii.

If I had a sack full of money I don’t think I would work as hard as Matt King (George Clooney). It’s nice being your own lawyer but if I inherited all that money from birth I would choose a profession that was less strenuous. At least he picked the right state to live in with his inheritance. Speaking of Hawaii where do people from Hawaii vacation? They already live in one of the destination spots in the United States to vacation where do Hawaiians like to vacation? There’s always New York but that is way too far, the beating of the plane ride would wreck my vacation for at least a day both ways. And Disney Land is probably too close to call a big vacation and Disney World is too far also. Do Hawaiians every get the itch to go see what it’s like during the winter in Chicago? And the constant threat of hurricanes, monsoons, and a volcanic eruption would always be in the back of my mind if I lived there. Visiting other states also seems like it would cost a lot of time, money, and energy for locals, so maybe Hawaii is a little overrated after all.

Shailene Woodley was great in this movie as George Clooney’s rebellious daughter. Woodley’s relationship with Clooney character made the movie what it is. Her character’s boyfriend, Sid, was completely annoying for part of the movie and while watching this I was wondering why he was even included in the movie except to be yelled at by Clooney’s character. It wasn’t until later did it all pay off and make sense. I should have had more patience but when a guy is making fun of a senior citizen with a disability you tend to be short tempered.

The Descendants never wasted a step and constantly entertained. Matt King (Clooney) was faced with some impossible tasks in this movie, his smallest task you could argue was trying to appease his family and the natives in town at the same time with his decision over the family land looming. Do you cash in on your families prized procession while you can? Or do you try and fight it and keep the land and piss off your bloodlines? On top of that you have to deal with your wife being in a coma and finding out she cheated on you. The story as it gets deeper just gets tangled up in a web of destruction until it is all over.

Spoiler alert

Stringing your family out like George Clooney’s character did, left them with no choice but to consider legal action. Why would you act like their opinion mattered then turn around and say never mind all that potential money you were going to get is actually not going to happen after all. That’s like a wife asking her husband which couch he likes and then buying the opposite. What’s the point don’t waste anybody’s time. This movie will entertain a wide audience and is a lot more crowd friendly then its main Oscar contender. I used to think George Clooney could do no better than what he did in “Michael Clayton” but he surpassed that performance with a deeper more complete performance in The Descendants.


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