Rise of the Planet of the Apes

The idea of the world ending as we all know it is a popular topic in many movies, television programs, and books. This phenomenon can occur by means of a large meteor hitting the earth, alien attack, zombie apocalypse, deadly spreading virus, nuclear war, Decepiticon attack, global warming, any crazy prediction from a cult or ancient civilization (you’re on the clock Mayans), and let’s not forget the oldest story of the world ending, the rapture. The Planet of the Apes brings a different idea to the end of the world.

The chimpanzee has been a fascination for humans for a long time because of its mental capacity, and what better animal to overthrow humans if given an intellectual boast then the primate? The Lion wouldn’t work obviously they’re too busy fighting over Pride Rock, and they can’t even hold a television remote so there isn’t much of a chance for them to overthrow humans. The dinosaur already had its chance, and the dolphin is too mild mannered. And dogs are out of the question, why would man’s best friend turn on them? Who would rub their belly if we were gone, there’s no motive. And how can birds rule the earth if they don’t even like to walk on it, they’re too busy defecating on cars and statues to care about global domination. Bears wouldn’t work either they spend too much of their time sleeping to keep control of the third planet from the sun. That just leaves the ape as the human’s main contender for their thrown. That’s the basic premise of this movie franchise, the apes are given the mental capacity in “The Rise of the Planet of the Apes” to take down the humans and create an ape dynasty of sorts.

One of the problems with this movie is that it wants the audience to root for the destruction of mankind. Why would I want to root for Caesar (the head ape)? Even when Caesar is throwing around the rude obnoxious neighbor of his master (James Franco) I still felt bad for the neighbor. The neighbor character is seen throughout the movie as a minor antagonist and somebody I’m suppose to hate, but I felt bad for the guy when Caesar attacked him. He was defenseless against an ape, he was just no match for Caesar. How can I fully connect with a movie when it’s hard for me to like the main character after he grows up and matures?

Even after seeing the preview for this movie I could tell that James Franco’s character was to blame for the downfall of the human civilization, this movie just reinforced that thought. Of course there is also the predictable money hungry boss we could also blame, he just wants to exploit this miracle drug for his own financial gains, but we’ve all seen this character before. Keep your venom and hatred for the James Franco character (Will Rodman) he made this precious drug. Everybody likes the apocalypse story this one just has a hairy twist. I would recommend this movie as a guilty pleasure but nothing more, don’t expect a perfect movie but an entertaining one that doesn’t waste your time. Just keep in mind this will probably be the best of what is to come from this reboot franchise.


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