Some days its better to sit and bask in nostalgia than to give a new movie a chance.

My brothers and I sat down a few days ago to re-enjoy some of our youth. Sometimes we’ll re-play pokemon red and blue on gameboy, sometimes we’ll have a LAN party and re-play Halo or Star Wars Battlefront II, or even sometimes we’ll re-beat up the kid on the block who never understood the rules of capture the flag. (He’s not really a kid anymore…and his wife doesn’t appreciate us visiting…) But it’s always a good idea to revisit a great movie.

Will Smith, you are the king of the July 4th weekend and Men in Black is only one jewel on your crown. Although sadly you’ve been away. Make us more movies Will Smith! You owe us! Out of some nonexistent contract to your fans you owe us movies! Oh what’s that? This just in folks, the stereotypical news anchor ear piece I’m pretending to wear just notified me of Men in Black III! I’ve seen the trailer, and I have to say I’m excited. Time travel? One of my guilty pleasures I love watching on a screen. Oh, and on a side note…has anyone else realized that the release of The Avengers on May 4th and the release of MiB III on May 25th means that in all likelihood comics-turned-movies will rule the box office for the entire first third of 2012’s summer movie season? (Not to mention Dark Knight Rises in July!) And some people think my affection towards comic stories and plot lines is weird…

But let’s get back to 1997. MiB stormed the theaters and stormed the imagination of kids everywhere. Think about it. Will Smith with both a comically small and comically powerful gun. Tommy Lee Jones strutting confidence behind every glance knowing every secret to the universe. Linda Florentino as a sexy woman using her smarts and smooth voice to show the kids what classy sex appeal means. And Vincent D’Onofrio as a dead and slowly rotting human skin suit for a alien bug…which by the laws of physics wouldn’t be able to wear due to a large difference in size. Wait! Why am I questioning physics in a Men in Black movie? Anyway, Men in Black is nostalgic family movie gold. It’s a requirement to watch before the third. (The second one? Ehhhh. Although fun…it falls short. But if you have free time, go ahead and enjoy it before May 25th.)

The best way to end this post would be to have an eye exam. If everyone could look at this little red light, everything will be made clear…


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