A Christmas Story

If you ever find somebody who grew up without a childhood and wanted to know what kids thought about around Christmas time, watching this movie would explain it best. A Christmas Story has taken over It’s a Wonderful Life (due to copyright limitations) as the go-to movie for a Christmas day marathon. I remember being with my whole family at the hospital a few years ago on Christmas Eve to pick up my mom, who had to work that night and the choice of entertainment while waiting was but of course, A Christmas Story.

I would never actually sit down on Christmas day and watch A Christmas Story. I rather just watch it before Christmas on my downtime, it’s just nice to know that A Christmas Story is there to check in on when I’m flipping channels on a commercial during a basketball game Christmas night.

I love how I can keep getting older and farther away from being a child at Christmas time, but I can always pop this in during December and a flood of memories will always come back. This movie is like a reminder to the generations getting older what it’s like to be a kid at Christmas again. Which begs the question, do kids like this movie? I didn’t come around on this movie until I was in High School, much less even know about it. Why would a kid want to watch a movie about another kid at Christmas, they’re living that situation out currently. I would recommend one of the many different versions of A Christmas Carol for any kid reading this.

Ralphie’s love of the Red Ryder BB Gun is a connection that we all share with him. We all had our own Red Ryder BB Gun that we wanted for Christmas. I’m sure there are plenty of kids out there on a playground in the winter who debate whether or not their tongue would get stuck on a frozen pole, all they need is the triple-dog-dare to be pushed into that situation. Hopefully they have friends who don’t bail on them. I must say that Randy (Ralphie’s little brother) doesn’t particularly bring much to the table in this movie, or eat much at the table for that matter. And we have all seen our fathers become excited about some free crap at some point or another. This movie does lose me every time it goes through one of Ralphie’s day dreams. I realize that they are a part of every kids day, but I could of lived without them in the movie.

A Christmas Story is quickly becoming one of the most beloved Christmas movies around. It’s kind of like those local news stations that you hear of, that just put a picture up of a fireplace on Christmas and it gets them some of their highest ratings of the year. A Christmas Story can just be left on in a living room and muted while a Christmas gathering is taking place and nobody would think twice about it. It’s just that particular family’s version of the fireplace. And I’m sure TBS doesn’t mind being your fireplace.


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