Love Actually

I’ve touched larger Christmas themes in past posts, however in this one we’ll address one big doozy.

Apart from building snowmen, dressing them up, taking a picture to share on Facebook, re-dress them in a dirty sexual way, and then post that picture on Facebook…Christmas has a lot to do with overall subject of being in love. Sounds overplayed and cheesy, but it’s true. As true as a carrot makes an obvious penis on Captain Cold out in my front lawn. (It’s actually 55 degrees outside and I probably won’t see snow this winter. LET ME LIVE MY HILARIOUS FANTASY JOKE!) (…haha. Carrot penis.)

Although Love Actually classifies as more of a Valentine’s Day movie, it takes place during Christmas and instinctively collects this worldly romantic atmosphere where everyone can care about one another. And lucky for us, it’s not one over-written love story. It’s several. But let’s take a step back and view the cast as a whole. Bill Nighy, Colin Firth, Liam Neeson, Emma Thompson, Martin Freeman, (the gorgeous) Keira Knightley, Hugh Grant, (the beautiful) Martine McCutcheon, and Alan Rickman. Oh yeah, and you can’t forget the small appearances by (the purposely despised) Billy Bob Thornton, (the extremely underrated and hilarious) Rowan Atkinson, (the highly overrated) January Jones, and (the pretty faces with no real acting chops) Elisha Cuthbert and Denise Richards. Did that list of names just spank your brain? Eh, you’ll get over it once you realize you kind of liked it.

Love Actually is all around. New relationships, suffering relationships, forbidden relationships, and puppy love. If you open your eyes you’ll find it to be true. And I find that to be a wonderful and hopeful thought. Although you don’t get the warm fuzzy Santa and reformed Scrooge feelings in this movie, you do get a sense of purpose. Everyone has someone. Hopefully you’re holding that beautiful woman in your arms under a blanket on your sofa while the crackling fireplace lulls us both to sleep. Us? Did I just say us? Sorry guys. I was lost in my own head dreaming about Keira Knightley. (Hey Keira, if you read this please get in touch with me!) Errhmm. Uh. Where was I? Oh yeah. Love Actually. I like it. It’s worth your time. Go see it. She’s awesome. NO. I meant it’s awesome. DANGIT!


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