Netflix Pick of the Week: The Polar Express

How seven years makes a difference….I recently saw Hugo in 3D and comparing the animation quality to Polar Express is like comparing which company is more relevant Sears or Wal-Mart, it just isn’t fair. Polar Express at the time of its release in 2004 had great animation but as technology advances go, with each passing year you are about 100 times farther away from the current standard.

Tom Hanks was great in this movie with his various voice parts, but why doesn’t the kid ever notice that his father, the Conductor, Hobo, Scrooge, and Santa Claus all have the same voice? Going into this movie I didn’t really know what this movie was all about. I missed the train so to speak on this movie when it came out some hand-full of years ago. I began asking my girlfriend numerous questions like “why is there a train in the middle of the street?” and “why would that little kid get on some strange train?”, or even “Why is the track to the north pole so troublesome? Why would they go up that spiral mountain?” After I dug into this movie I really started to enjoy it. There are some catchy tunes and some exciting adventures.

What I really enjoyed about this movie was the anticipation that was built up to actually seeing and hearing Santa when they got to the North Pole. Even when Santa finally comes out of his fancy home you still don’t get to see him fully because of all of the elves going crazy at the sight of his red track suit. You would think the elves would not be that excited to see their boss considering they probably see him all the time. It must be bonus time at the North Pole also around Christmas also. Even the rain deer are treated like rock stars. I don’t know why they get such great treatment, they know how to fly but can’t even poop indoors. Overall at the end of the movie you are glad you watched it, this Robert Zemeckis feel good movie will keep you entertain throughout. But one question still sticks with me at the end of the movie, why didn’t they just fly to the North Pole? If it’s so dangerous to travel up there every year by train why not fly? Santa does.


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