A Charlie Brown Christmas

The year is 1965. Austin Powers is shagging London women left and right. And Carol and Mike were just a few years away from creating the most obnoxiously happy Brady Bunch family. But our most favorite person in the entire world was frowning his way through Christmas: Charlie Brown.

Yes, the Peanuts crew came to TV for the first time ever in 1965. Charles Schulz drew life into his cartoon when showing the world the true meaning of Christmas. And when I say “world”, I mean “world”. Literally every other television on at that prime-time hour was tuned in on Linus’s speech reciting a few bible verses. One Emmy and a Peabody later, CBS has been airing A Charlie Brown Christmas every year since. And after Schulz died in 2000, it was shown one last time…until ABC took the reigns! Yay ABC for keeping an annual Christmas tradition alive!

If you’ve seen this 25 minute short film, you’ve probably realized they didn’t do that great of a job. They had the TINNIEST budget. (Did you like how big I made the word “tinniest”?) Not to mention when they stuck to their decision of actual kids voicing these immortal characters…they were forced to use kids who had no acting experience and some couldn’t even read! They had to recite one line at a time to the little child and splice them together in post. Knowing this fact, you’ll be able to tell in a SECOND how butchered the sound editing is. (Did you like how big I made such a small increment of time?) The colors are choppy as well. But I stand behind Schulz’s decision to not go back and fix everything all those years later. I mean, come on. It’s Charlie Brown. Lucy. Linus. Sally. Pig-Pen. And SNOOPY! (Okay, that time it really did deserve the extra oomph!)

Regardless of the imperfections, it’s still a really enjoyable Christmas special. (No wait, I got one better.) The imperfections actually make this spectacular Christmas special a true perfection! (Better?) As old as it may be, there are plenty of great timeless points made in this story. Christmas is clouded by commercialism and shallow traditions. The real purpose of Christmas is to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Don’t worry! I’m not going on a religious tangent, I’m just stating facts. But even with this biblical story, I still enjoy a few of the present day practices. Like eggnog. Or mistletoes. Or beautiful women drinking eggnog under a mistletoe. I LOVE CHRISTMAS!


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