Just Friends

Alright. Here it comes. The biggest thing every man (or woman on the rare occasion…) fears in the dating world: The Friend Zone.

Find yourself a beautiful woman? Great! Does she really seem to care about you? Even better! Does she kiss you like her brother? Oh no! What do you do now?!? Well, if you use Hollywood as a guide to life…watch Just Friends. Before Ryan Reynolds hit the big time (big time being Green Lantern or X-Men Origins: Wolverine)….(hey, no one said making it big meant you had to make good movies) he did a little Christmas movie with a lot of chick-flickiness. You might be stroking your chin at this moment (or slapping yourself, whichever helps you think) trying to justify watching this movie. Well, Ryan Reynolds does wear a fat suit. Amy Smart is a good-ish reason. Anna Faris brings the crazy like always. Oh, you know what? Here’s the best reason: Julie Hagerty plays RR’s mom. If you’ve seen Airplane, you’ll know who I’m talking about. She’s brilliant in this movie! I love her character so much! Also…she looks like she really could be his mom.

As far as finding a good Christmas movie, Just Friends falls pretty short. Yes, chick-flicks in general are good for dates. But why not watch a real Christmas movie and make your move to kiss her over the heart warming themes of Christmas? Rather than trying to kiss her over a horribly corny love story? Although, you still might enjoy Just Friends…especially if you’re on a date and your tree is blinking soft red and blue colors behind you. And it might still be a good choice for next Christmas. But unfortunately for me, my memory is very picture based. I remember quite a bit about a lot of movies and it’s not always easy re-watching them. Not only do I already know the story, I remember body movements and facial reactions to every scenario. I re-enjoyed the LOTR trilogy this week and as much as I whole heartedly believe it’s one of the best film series ever…I still had a hard time. So in Just Friends-es case, I’ve seen this movie too much and I’m burned out on it. (I never watch it more than once in a calendar year.) I’ll have to remind myself to not watch it again next year.

I feel like this movie deserves one really optimistic point. Hmmm. What if…no. Hold on. It’s coming to me. Ah! Okay! Say you’re a person who can’t get enough of Ryan Reynolds on the big screen. (Let’s be honest, his quick wit is pretty enjoyable. He’s like a male version of Tina Fey.) And you’ve never seen this movie before. And you need to hit “shuffle” on your Christmas movie list to shake things up. And you might be in the “friend zone” with a girl you’ve wanted to ask out for an unbearable period of time. THEN THIS IS THE MOVIE FOR YOU AND YOUR HIGHLY SPECIFIC CRITERIA! YOU SHOULD PROBABLY SEE A THERAPIST AFTER THIS VIEWING! SERIOUSLY, YOU MIGHT NEED HELP!


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