There’s something about Bill Murray and ghosts that people love. Why is that?

He’s back and in charge! (That’s what I would say if it were 1988) If you haven’t seen Scrooged, let me paint a picture for you. It’s the late 80s where colors have left the real world and we’re venturing into the tragedy that was early 90s. Bill Murray is a TV executive who is a bit of a…well..a scrooge. And on Christmas Eve, his pet project of a live production of “Scrooge” will debut to the world…but his life takes a Dickens turn and he….nah, screw it. You can fill in the blanks from there. If you’re even the tiniest bit knowledgable in Christmas stories, you’ll predict this one while throwing away your Thanksgiving turkey leftovers.

I’ve always enjoyed Bill Murray. Ghostbusters, Groundhog Day, Broken Flowers…the list goes on. To Lost in Translation, The Man Who Knew Too Little, Stripes, and ETC. And Scrooged is basically letting Bill Murray loose in a Dickens novel. All wit. All Murray charm. And a few great supporting cast members! You might recognize John Glover from Smallville. Or David Johansen from Mr. Nanny (yeah, I made that movie reference…enjoy it). Or if you’re me…you’ll recognize the gorgeous Karen Allen. She’s one of those classic beauties that I love so much. And yes, I did watch Raiders of the Lost Ark when I was a kid and develop a crush on her. I will not confirm nor deny my child self watching Animal House and furthering the same crush.

Scrooged isn’t the most jolly of Christmas movies. It can be a ton of fun but there’s one pace for the entire movie and it follows how fast Bill Murray can spit something out that will make you laugh. I love it and I want to turn it off at the same time. Same thing goes for the ghosts. I love their portrayal, but I want to turn it off. Maybe Billy needs a bigger cast to bounce off of. Karen Allen held her ground on screen with him. But nobody else could really keep up. That’s okay though, settle down with your spit-take ready eggnog, dust off that ancient VCR, and pop in Scrooged.


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