Disney’s A Christmas Carol

I wonder if Charles Dicken’s aires recieve any moola every time this story is retold?

This is Disney’s third time retelling this story. THIRD! Say what you will about that company…but they know how to make money. It’s such an easy decision to watch Mickey’s and The Muppet Christmas Carol. Love them. It’s a smooth transition into nostalgia. However, their third attempt proves forgettable. But don’t get me wrong! There are a million things perfect about this movie! Let’s count them together…

Robert Zemeckis wrote and directed this movie. DING! DING! Already bonus points. Alan Silvestri wrote the score. DING! DING! Bigger bonus points. My only wish was that Ebenezer Scrooge traveled through time in the DeLorean. Alas, no Christmas genie to make that true. But to make up ground we have Gary Oldman, Colin Firth, Cary Elwes, Robin Wright (PRINCESS BRIDE!!!!), and my favorite voice of the movie…Bob Hoskins. He’s got an extremely distinguishable set of pipes. Immediate smile from yours truly. What’s that you say? I forgot someone? You got me! Jim Carrey plays Scrooge. Yeah, did you notice my lack of positive or negative detail? Jim Carrey, technically, did a great job. But I was displeased. I want Ebenezer to have some aging rasp in his voice. Nothing destructive or substantial, but something that says “Hey! I’m a mean asshole and I’m older than Jesus Christ’s dirty diapers!”

The still animation was brilliant! The detail of every setting was pretty spectacular. But the design and interaction of each character made me feel like I was playing a quick release movie video game. You know the ones that are rushed to be released in the hype of the movie just so the copyright laws allow a hefty profit? Yeah, those. I’ve always felt that if you’re going to animate a movie…exaggerate the characters. It’s a cartoon! Make it one! Don’t make them as realistic as possible, because if that’s your goal you might as well shoot it for real! Now, I’ve seen Zemeckis’s Beowulf (same animation) and what I can say is that I really didn’t like Beowulf. Same reasons. But wait! Another positive! I loved the directing by Robbie Z! If they took the same budget, the same great script, and made it into live action? I would hope Oscar buzz. Just…get rid of the 5 total seconds of animated jokery that you probably ripped straight from Shrek.

It is Christmas and A Christmas Carol…of some version…is required by all this month. No exceptions. Go do it. Or you’re grounded.


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