Netflix Pick of the Week: Conan Can’t Stop

I’ve watched Conan O’Brien in some form or fashion for around ten years now. That’s across three different shows, three different time-slots, two cities, and two networks. Conan O’Brien is my generations David Letterman. He is the guy everybody loves to root for. He just brings a different style of comedy to the late night scene that makes people giggle over a late night snack. But while watching this documentary I just couldn’t help but wonder why these fans are so passionate for Conan but they won’t support him on TBS. Conan’s main demographic is the younger audience (that’s no secret) but why do these people struggle to find TBS every once in a while on a Monday through Thursday night? You would think that the younger people would have no boundaries when it came to finding and picking what to watch. But maybe there are just too many forms of entertainment out there today for people to choose from like YouTube videos, smart phone games, previously recorded television shows, hopscotch, and other things of that nature. Because he is on cable Conan just gets lost in the shuffle with The Daily Show and the whole Comedy Central and MTV scene. But that shouldn’t affect him that much considering the outcry and support that followed him during his Tonight Show drama.

This documentary follows Conan around during the brainstorming process of developing “The legally prohibited from being funny on television tour” and takes you inside what Conan and his crew went through during that summer. Your going to see a different side of Conan in this documentary, and while watching it I wondered out loud to my brother if the image of Conan in my head would be changed because of this viewing experience. My brother already saw the documentary, but was watching it again with me. He seemed to be unchanged of his opinion of Conan after seeing the documentary and he was the one that turned Conan onto me years ago on a late summer night. You still see Conan being his goofy self dancing around, being loud, and cracking wise. But you also see Conan use his comedic talents for evil, there were instances where he would make a funny comment but he was intending to be a jerk about it. That was a different side of him I didn’t expect to see. Don’t get me wrong he seems to be a really nice guy but there is some anger there. He also displayed a more troubled side. This side was brought out by the stress of performing 42 shows in 30 cities from April 12, 2010 through June 14, 2010. You would see images of him after every show or public appearance just exhausted and tired from all the energy he dispelled during the day. But after every show he still put a smile on and visited with fans that had VIP access, met countless people who were friends of the crew, and even went out into the streets in some cities to sign autographs after the show, even though he didn’t have to. During one encounter with some fans, Conan had to put a couple of his loyal followers in line by telling them not to make anti-Semitic remarks in conversation and he did that while also helping them out by letting them into the adult-rated concert without their IDs. It was a very tense and uncomfortable scene to watch. You could tell Conan was angry but he cares too much for his fans not to help them out. From watching this documentary you really get a good sense of the stress an entertainer has on them, especially one that makes a living being funny.

There’s good back and forth between Conan and his entourage (which includes Andy Richter with his old lady glasses). Those are the moments you really find entertaining. Who knew Conan liked punching people so much? (You’ll see) The documentary is interesting but people are watching this for the behind the scenes access it has. It’s all about his tour but we want to watch this because we are curious to find out more about Conan and what he went through after leaving NBC. I wish that the documentary had more content about the deal making process Conan went through with TBS during that summer, or the process he went through to choose which network was going to be on. But that wasn’t the content of this story, that’s a different story entirely. The documentary was interesting, funny, and revealing. I would strongly recommend it to anybody who is a part of Team Coco or is interested in show business process.

You can thank me later about this review through spreading the word about this documentary.

-Eric B


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