White Collar

One of USA’s few, White Collar is a hit show. A few years back, all the networks decided to abandon the fall-spring typical show schedule. Instead they gave themselves the freedom to debut any show at any time. White Collar started as a summer drama, and here they are today.

Currently in their 3rd season, I’ve grown to love this show. Wait, “love” is a strong word. Let’s say I adore this show. I can live without it, but it makes me happy to watch and get involved in their interesting plots. Neal Caffrey is a world famous alleged art thief who was only caught on bond forgery. The catcher is Peter Burke working in the White Collar division of NYC’s FBI. Neal Caffrey escapes prison to pursue a woman, when caught again he strikes a deal with Burke. What? No it’s not like Catch Me If You Can! Oh wait, yes it is. No matter, Caffrey starts serving his sentence assisting the FBI while throwing his own unique charm and sly underground moves into their playground. Sounds formulaic doesn’t it? It is.

Let me tell you 3 reasons why I enjoy this show so much. 1) When I was a kid, I wanted to be a Magician. More specifically, I wanted to be a slight of hand. Watching Neal pick pockets while his partner flashes an FBI badge gets my heart-a-pumpin’. I believe it’s called a nerd attack (…instead of a panic attack? COME ON PEOPLE! STAY WITH ME!). 2) I get annoyed with “dirty” shows sometimes. And what I mean by that is that the characters, settings, and story can be dark-dingy-why-doesn’t-someone-spray-some-lysol-or-febreeze-in-this-dump. (Yes, I am submitting that word to Webster’s.) White Collar’s camera angles, characters, and sets are clean and crisp. I love it. They use great color combinations in their editing and in their shots of NYC’s streets. It’s a great reminder why so many shows are set in The Big Apple. 3) The supporting cast is perfect! Next to Neal and his winning smile, you have Mozzie who is a very cryptic paranoid criminal who provides such the right level of comedic relief you want to squeeze his short bald head like a plush toy. But wait! There’s more! Burke’s beautiful wife is no other but Tiffani Thiessen! (…Kelly Kapowski? From Saved by the Bell? COME ON! STAY WITH MEEEEEEE!) She is Genesis for TV crushes. And if you say Kimberly the Pink Power Ranger, you’re still in the minor leagues son. Open your eyes and behold a real woman…who just so happened to have a better career after child stardom.

Don’t you feel informed? Don’t you feel like you’re going to start watching this show now? Don’t you feel like…wait, are you choking? You’re supposed to chew your food! COME ON!! STAY WITH MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!


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