The Matrix Fix

Ooohhh yeahhh. (That was my Macho Man Randy Savage impression. Like it?) How can a person tire of a good ol’ fashion movie night with classics like The Matrix? If you answered “you can’t”, gold star for you.

Back when we cared about Keanu Reeves, he gave the ending 20th century a big goodbye with a green rain bang. The Matrix captured the evolving computer world into a Terminator futuristic plot, with some parallels drawn to every hero story ever. Especially the story of Jesus Christ. Whether you believe in him or not, you can’t deny his story is probably the most remembered and told tale that ever existed. If the word “epic” existed in biblical times with today’s definition, it’s because Jesus said it first. And watching a sci-fi movie about the return of “the one” just makes your jaw drop while drooling “the one” on your bathroom tile floor. (Why are you watching The Matrix in the bathroom?)

Focusing just on the movie however, you have to say it’s a good movie. It pulls in the most vague philosophical questions about the universe and what we accept as reality into a martial arts driven action-packed blockbuster. I don’t care if your a Civil War veteran still creaking around in your ancient bones, even you can appreciate the concept of The Matrix and what it means to your every day routines. What if what we’re doing right now didn’t matter? What if there was a greater purpose or a truth that’s being hidden from us everyday? What if you didn’t realize until this very moment how absurd it was that a Civil War veteran were still living? And would we be able to WD-40 his bones?

Enjoy it my friends. Like many classic movies (Jurassic Park, Kill Bill, and Coneheads for example…) you need to return to them every once in a while and get your fix. Enjoy them for what they are. Maybe even get a little nostalgic and remember what that movie meant to you so many years ago. I dare you to go to work tomorrow and walk up to your friends, look them straight in the eye, and say in a deep epiphany driven voice “There is no spoon.”


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