Blue Valentine

Ryan Gosling, you’re everywhere. Except on stage accepting an Oscar for Best Actor. But your name is an ever growing buzz and I’m confident you’ll find the right film. (Although I think you’ve found several “right” films already.)

Blue Valentine is a rough, emotionally driven, and highly relatable film. I say all this because it’s about a couple who’s marriage still lives but their relationship has died. This story is much like Away We Go…except it’s not. Imagine Away We Go going one way down an empty country road. They’re running away from a bad situation looking for a new home. Driving into an eventual warm weathered place and it feels like hope is steering the wheel. Blue Valentine is heading the opposite direction on this road and at one point making eye contact with Away We Go, then realizing their running towards an unsettled storm with debris already littering the streets of empty homes.

It goes back to the subject of love and what exists between two people. As much as we all strive for it, we all reach for it, we all dream about it even if we don’t realize…you need more. The divorce rate in our country is miserable. Every case I’m sure is different but I guarantee many of them ended in similar cases to Blue Valentine. They may have loved each other at one time, but you can’t rely on that alone. You have to work at it. You have to strive for a successful life inside and outside your lives at home. Many marriages suffer because a child is introduced into their world. Having kids with your eyes and your wife’s hair can be a life altering event, and you’re right to give them the love and attention that a parent should. But if that’s the only place where your love and attention goes, your marriage will suffer. The neglected will wither. Make life fun people, remind yourself why you get up in the morning.

Okay, out of the haze. The film as a whole was great. I wasn’t drooling over the direction it went nor the style. But after you plug in all the submitted variables, Blue Valentine really worked. The script was great, not my favorite but amazing nonetheless. It just seemed plot heavy with the two characters like pawns and wherever the story pushed them we sat back and watched their personalities go at it. Michelle Willams and Ryan Gosling carried these roles heavily and gave justice to the characters and their situations that real people are suffering through everyday. I know the movie was a suffering project circling the drain for most of it’s production, but it’s finished and there’s nothing the people involved can be happier about. (If you’re only interested in being introduced to the entity that is Gosling, I highly suggest Lars and the Real Girl. It’s light hearted with heart.)


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