The Exorcist

Halloween is coming my friends. The one night out of the entire year where anything is possible. Vampires. Zombies. A young Patrick Swayze haunting your heart. And yes, even the Devil himself.

The Exorcist is arguably one of the best horror movies of all time. And for you naïve film lovers, it’s almost 40 years old! The movie is about…well…an exorcism. What else do you really need to know? All of the information you’ll need to retain to understand future references you probably already have bouncing around in that empty space between your ears. I will say this however, you don’t realize how vulgar the movie is until you watch it first hand. And I don’t mean The Boondock Saints vulgar, I mean “Oh my god, horror movies today aren’t that foul”. (Foul in a good way.)

Speaking of foul, a lot of those screams and facial reactions were obtained unconventionally by the director, William Friedkin. Such examples include A) shooting the bedroom scenes in a freezer to undeniably witness the actor’s cold breaths, B) yanking harnesses around so hard that it caused temporary and permanent back injuries, C) and firing a gun to draw out shocking emotions from the actors. It may seem like Friedkin took things a little too far, but you have to look at the end result. And then realize directors still do it today in thriller/horror movies. One of my favorite stories relevant to sneaky directors goes along with Johnny Depp and the first sequence of Secret Window. But that’s for another time.

As much as this movie is praised, which it well deserves, I kind of feel like there isn’t much to it. There’s the shock and awe…then there’s a bit of story to justify the emotions spread about the film like a sloppy peanut butter and Nutella sandwich. The mother, quite honestly, got annoying. She reminded me of my own mother when my first dog died. Belligerent and irrational. But I have to say, if a possessed girl’s mother isn’t going to flip out…than the film lost its bite of honesty. Also, did anyone else watch the girl vomit and think of Nickelodeon’s slime? I’ve heard their slime is tasty. And yes, I did just say that watching the Devil vomit through a 12 year old girl’s mouth made me hungry. FYI, I went for Cheez-Its.


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