Night of the Living Dead (1968)

Let’s celebrate Halloween like they did in the 1960’s. I don’t really know what that means though…

I’m always afraid of the ability of older movies to be translated into today’s world. I suppose that’s why most studios issue remakes. But some aren’t needed (even though there was a remake of Night of the Living Dead). 1968’s version still works really well. No, I wasn’t scared. The limits of cinema gore was nothing like it is now. The zombies most of the time look like unattractive people sleep walking while moaning from heart burn. The cannibalistic scenes were still there, but you don’t know if they were eating Fruit Roll-Ups or an ear of corn due to the decades film quality. No HD in the 1960’s my friends.

But overall, it was an entertaining movie. I pressed play not expecting great things. I pulled out my phone, surfed Facebook for a while, texted a few meaningless texts…until I realized how much better the story was getting. The opening, although a little long, was very playful. And the prolonged introduction of more characters built up on itself rather than unleashing everything the script had to give from the get go. No one likes a premature wad. (Yes, I went there.)

Some of the best parts are when you’re taking a look back at how sexist and stereotypical they were back then. “What? What do you mean a white blond woman is useless in a zombie apocalypse? Wait! You mean to tell me that another woman died because she was helpless against a seatbelt? And the man died trying to save the damsel?” Yeah, twas magnificent fun. You know what stereotype they didn’t go with? The black guy doesn’t die first. Someone had to break that guideline, might as well be a low budget horror movie. What does all of this mean for Halloween time? Although a great film and a fun one to watch if you’re a aficionado, avoid it if you’re going for a scary ambiance. Try something like The Shining or Child’s Play.


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