Child’s Play

Halloween is here! My favorite holiday of the entire year! Time to embrace the weird and creepy. (And if you’re a physically fit woman, embrace the sexy costumes please?)

Child’s Play is a classic Halloween movie. Maybe not the best, but a classic regardless. It’s a simple story, “The Lakeshore Strangler” is running for his life from a cop and a gun battle between the two invades the streets. His buddy in the getaway van drives off without him so he hides in a toy store until he’s shot from the cop. Swearing revenge, he chants some voodoo magic and transfers his soul into a doll. Guess what? A kid gets the doll! And his mom is the mom from 7th Heaven! So you know she’s a good mom…who will play a great victim. The rest is pretty predictable, but OH SO AWESOME.

Oh! And the Strangler, aka Chucky, he plays Wormtoungue on LOTR! Yeah, actors who make their living at being the creepy villain are the best. I’d be so proud of every paycheck. I’d love to play a disturbed villain in a big budget motion picture. Who wouldn’t? Season 2 of Walking Dead premieres tonight and to be a featured zombie on that show would make my year! And last year!

Another scenario to enjoy: just imagine being apart of the writing table behind Child’s Play. Seriously. Even if there’s only one name listed as scriptwriter, no one is dumb enough to forbid feedback. As much as I nerd out for the Avengers next summer, I’d equally nerd out for a movie like Child’s Play’s storyboarding process. “How do we want to make this as creepy as possible?” That is one of life’s most uplifting questions that gets asked so rarely. I think that question should be applied to everything in October regardless of content. Your 4th grade Science homework? Creep it up. Your mid-October wedding anniversary? Inject creepy. Your grandpa’s funeral? Dress in your Sunday best. (Come on? Really? He just died. Be respectful.)

Note to self: Die in October and require every mourner to tell me a Halloween pun during my wake.


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